I Want To Submit A Story

Oooh, we love stories! We’re like the monster of stories. Monstories. Anyway:

1. Prepare your story in a word document. There is no word limit and such but we assume that you would know what you would want to put through.

2. There is no fixed format, at all. You can choose between doing a running story, point forms, or a bit of both. Anything is cool with us.

3. It would be great if you could source the photos that you want to use to supplement your stories. If not, then the end image would be up to us to select. But if you prefer total reign, then we suggest free photographs with permissions. Pixabay.com, Fotor.com or Google’s specific searches (Tools -> Usage Rights) would be great options. GIFs would be nice too, if you like. We don’t want anyone to get into trouble!

4. Specify your title and preferred display name. We don’t want to steal any stories that are yours, so let’s give you proper credit.

5. Once you’re done with your story (including details and other specifications) send it to us at askanythinglah@gmail.com, complete with your photographs.

6. Our team of moderators would then read through your article, put it together and notify you once it’s up and running.

*Feel free to write about anything and everything. However, Anything Lah reserves the right to withhold any content that may be racially or politically charged (you may comment and list your thoughts but be wise about it). Remember, there is a fine line between humour and hatred.

If you think you might want to contribute frequently, drop us another email saying you’d like to join us as a contributor. We’ll set up a profile for you, and you can start writing on WordPress! 🙂