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This is not the first time I heard stories about this apartment. Ever since I’ve been around Putrajaya 3 years ago some really weird stories have been circulating about ghostly sightings, poltergeist phenomenon and other supernatural occurrence.

If you decide to go for it, please don’t forget about what I mentioned; do not go alone, tell someone about where and when you are going and lastly, bring a video recording device.

We got a little scared staying there alone, but reassured ourself, it would be fine due to the cheap rent and privacy since the whole house will be ours (at least for a month or so before others come in to rent).

I was still wide awake despite how emotionally and physically tired I felt. I wasn’t sure just how much time had passed with me just staring at the shadows cast by the streetlights. I heard the door creak open and saw a figure standing at the door.