How I Accepted My Dark, and Beautiful Skin

In some parts of the world, the idea of beauty goes as such: 'the fairer you are, the more attractive you’ll be'. I’ve had my fair share of struggles and hardship in my pursuit to be confident in my own skin. Using my gift as a writer to inspire people, this is my story – along with three lovely ladies who have joined in my pursuit to break the stereotype.

This Instagram Account Went Viral For Busting Personalities Wearing Knock-Offs and It’s One of The Most Toxic Things I’ve Ever Seen

First and foremost, let's all just acknowledge that social media is toxic enough as it is. It's basically a platform for everyone to flaunt and mask their insecurities with aesthetically curated feeds, creating a whole army of people who aren't about real moments anymore, just a whole lotta flex. And it is a sad sad sight to see the value of people being reduced to the labels they wear.