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OK, great! You managed to convince yourself to click on the ridiculous acronym that I’ve made up. ‘SSB’ basically means, ‘Single Since Birth’. The words itself already describe the acronyms. If you’re not quite sure about it, it’s basically about someone (be it girl or boy) who has NEVER dated before in his/her entire life. I’m talking about […]

Hey, it’s a little too crowded in this train, isn’t it? Nevertheless, let me make room for you – WHOA, that is some large backpack you’ve got on you. Honestly, there’s not enough room for you and your backpack. I mean, there’s minimal space in here as it is so why not take it off […]

This post was submitted and written by Kevin Ch’ng. He is on Instagram at kev_chng There you stood, among the tall grass Distinct amongst the silent mass Something so rare, I couldn’t believe my eyes From impossible stares to blinking thrice We became friends and it was great We shared interests, so much that we […]