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It’s always been the almosts, maybes, yet this felt right and scary to the point this was just running in my mind like a tape, for which I was unconsciously rooting for to end just like others, whenever we had these mini cigarette breaks, when he thinks I am just zoning out while staring at him vividly with droopy eyes.

Malay folktore too often heard Names that you know, said and slurred The less you know, the higher the risk, Tune in, don’t worry, it’ll be brisk Toyol Three feet tall, small and vicious, Usually used to harass the neighbours, A cup of milk every morning, In your dresser he’ll do some exploring Pocong Hop […]

This post was written and submitted by Delilah Ho.   Let me make this clear, There is no ‘us’, there is only ‘you’, and ‘me’, No ‘you and me’, and no ‘me and you’, We can only exist with a distance between us, A space, a comma, a full stop, A ‘You’ve blocked the following user’ […]