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Birthdays in my family were always celebrated modestly. For anyone’s birthday, the family would always get dressed up and go either for steaks or Japanese food; the two types of cuisine we usually saved for special occasions back then. Steaks/Japanese, dessert, coffee, and by ten or eleven at night we’d be home in our spaces […]

I suppose one of the things everyone in the world has dreamed of was having a dog. That is, unless you’re allergic, you hate dogs (what kind of person are you?!), or well, it’s against your religion. But all things considered, I haven’t met anyone who hates dogs (or those who have watched a dog […]

  The first time I was in the hospital, I was 18 in KPJ’s ER. I had gotten a ring stuck on my finger, and it had been there for three days. My finger was turning blue, I called three friends panicking (got yelled at by the one I called my boyfriend), and tried a […]

“Why does immorality feel this good?” I came across this quote in a meme featuring a screenshot of a Japanese porn scene, during my morning ritual of browsing memes while still in bed. It got me thinking: why DOES immorality feel so good? Or rather, why do people like us feel a strong need to […]

We can literally hear you whisper scathingly: “No way in hell I’m ever going to get anything done on a Monday.” But look at this: Look at it! A research has shown that Monday is the most productive time for most people. But if you’re feeling like you’re totally off that bandwagon, here are some […]