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by Bruce Markey. Tequila has earned the reputation of a strong drink that is hard to swallow. Nothing could be further from the truth. The right tequila cocktail can be a smooth and enjoyable drink, perfect on a hot summer day.  Once you know your different types of tequilas, then it becomes very easy to […]

In my last post Why Immorality Feels Good, I briefly mentioned the idea of ‘immorality as self-reward’. Now ‘immorality’ is perhaps a slightly inaccurate word to use, so I prefer to use the term ‘vice’ instead. My working definition of this word is basically anything that brings you pleasure, including the safe, benign, socially-acceptable stuff like […]

When we fight, I feel my heart pound in my chest and the blood rush in my ears. This was supposed to be a discussion and it turned into an interrogation. It was questions upon questions and I had no answers.  When we fight, I get anxious. I get jittery and clam up, and when […]

by Charles Anthony Prudente. An abstract of being lost in one’s self. In a chilled autumn season, it was cold, dark and smelly when I found myself in a dimly lit tunnel. The echoing sound of water drops into a small pool of puddle and squeaking sound of rats. I felt lonely and scared. I walk […]

Retail has always been a fast-paced industry. Customers come in and out, sometimes they go in empty-handed and leave with a big smile and a couple of paper/plastic bags in their hand. But some tend to leave behind a pretty bad mark in the store. Whether it is memorably disgusting or not, I’ve managed to […]

Birthdays in my family were always celebrated modestly. For anyone’s birthday, the family would always get dressed up and go either for steaks or Japanese food; the two types of cuisine we usually saved for special occasions back then. Steaks/Japanese, dessert, coffee, and by ten or eleven at night we’d be home in our spaces […]