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by Adam Majid   Greetings to everyone in and on the anythinglah community! As a fanfiction writer, I bounce around when it comes to writing fanfiction pieces. I go from Gothic Science Fiction, to Science Fiction, but now I wander over in to a more “current” world, the world that we live in – sort […]

Hello, how are you? Yeah? I’m happy you’re doing well. See what I just did there? I said hello, and I asked you how you are. We are both having a polite and pleasing social session. While that’s great and all, I’m afraid there are other things that we must address, such as the social […]

There is chaos all around, But me an arrow Shall pierce through the world Here I shall take root, Spring forth my leaves Bringing tears to your eyes On the seas I sail, Across and then under The deadness in my chest remains Some cannot stand of me, Loved and hated equally Peel my layers […]

I love my Ma a lot. She always spends time with me. Even when Pa didn’t come home and Jie didn’t want to see me anymore. Ma will always stay with me and I will always stay with her too. * I am always at home alone. Ma, Pa and Jie are always out. I […]

Online dating has been around for donkey’s years. Among the famous dating platforms available are Wechat, Skout, Badoo, Bigo, Match and many more. And then there’s … Tinder. Ever heard of it? Oh, come on! Stop acting innocent … Started off in 2012 in the US, Tinder is a location-based mobile app that allows users […]

A stubble is the beginner’s step for men who plan on growing facial hair. While most companies (eg: customer related jobs) prefer their male employees to be “clean” and professional, this challenges men’s preference of growing their macho “mane”. So then, all the men end up sporting the pretty boy K-Pop clean-shaven look. But actually, […]

We’ve all been there. We’re all trying to find an escape from the routine and mundane. For some, cracking a cold one with friends would do the trick. While others, pigging out on comfort food. Or a retail therapy session is all that’s needed. As for me, it’ll be gaming. The first video game I […]