What’s New?

Updates on 4/7/2019:

We have a new look!

We’ve had quite a long hiatus … it’s been a couple of months now since our last post. There were several reasons for this:

  1. It’s founder lost her mojo, and began questioning what she was doing with this site.
  2. It seems that another site, so close to our model, is kicking off and doing fairly well.
  3. The need for revamp was brewing, and so one day, it finally happened!

So, hello again!

Updates on 13/9/2018:

Anything Lah.jpg

Updates on 1/8/2018:

Happy new year.jpg

Updates on 31/7/2018:

buy me pizza-2

Updates on 25/7/2018:

Anything Lah is now open to BM submissions. Tulis lah! 


+ the new “Trending +” widget has been added, so you can easily browse through what others have written according to categories. May this inspire you to submit your own! 🙂