I Have Questions

Ah, you’re are curious one, aren’t you? Here, we shall endeavour to answer whatever questions you may have (hopefully).

1. I want to submit my own story. What do I do?
Well, first, you have to write it in a document. Then, drop us a line at askanythinglah@gmail.com, stating that you’d like to submit a story. If it’s a one-off, just drop us an email, but if you feel like you’re going to contribute more than once, let us know, so we can send you the invitation to be a contributor.

2. What do/can I write about?
Heh, anything! If you missed the memo, this website is all about ANYTHING. We would like to hear, or rather, read about anything that catches your interest! Your thoughts, opinions, facts that you want to share … we mean everything. Try us.

3. But I’m not a professional writer…
That’s the point! We are calling everyone from all walks of life, not only those who have been trained in the art of words. You can be a janitor, and feel like writing about something … Think about it: “5 WEIRD THINGS I FOUND WHILE CLEANING BUILDING TOILETS”. Not bad, huh? Would you read that? We’d read that. What we want to do is to create a sharing space for everyone to communicate their own stories and experiences. All you have to do is write your story, and perhaps – if you like – submit accompanying photos to go with the story. If you submit document containing only text, we take full liberty of adding photos/GIFs to your story.

4. But there’s Facebook and such and such.
Yeah, we know, but writing for a website is something entirely on its own, yeah? It may not bring you cash or anything, but there’s a certain release and relief about it. And plus people all over the world may be reading it.

5. What if I cannot commit to this?
No problemo! We’re not going to force you to produce X amount of stories within X amount of time for X period. It’s a leisure-based website, as you know. So feel free to come and go. No strings attached. We wouldn’t even expect you to call us back. It’d be nice, but no pressure.