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The narcissists’ need for attention and admiration lead them to constantly seek out those who will reinforce their inflated sense of self-worth. This translates to a series of short relationships and a long stream of discarded partners.

Unfortunately I find myself overwhelmed with the long duration of Christmas and I find it difficult to really enjoy Christmas the way that I used to. Between the hectic chores of shopping for gifts, finishing work projects and meeting family obligations it is getting increasingly difficult to sit back, relax and enjoy the season.

Give yourself time to get ready, even if you allow an entire day. Set aside time to wash your hair, to decide what you’re going to wear. The hassle of getting ready, often a source of fun to other people, can be an additional stressor if you’ve not socialised in a while.

Fear not, as I’ve been through the same thing countless of times and I’m here to divulge some of my own ‘remedies’ – for lack of a better word – to help you in times of need. If you feel that some of my methods may be unhelpful to you, then try adapting it to your own needs – and if you have better ideas, do let me know and I’ll include it here as well for others to get some idea to kick-start their block.