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I would wear the brightest shade of permissible office colours and have the biggest hypocritical smile on my face on my way to work. My coffee mug has a yellow smiley face on it. My workmates see me as a young, chipper guy with lots of potential. They don’t know about the shadows that accompany me.

I frantically explain to her that I have no idea how those got there, that I spent the whole night at my desk working on my paper. I watch as her face goes from anger, to confusion, to fear.

A 15-year old girl named Di lived with her father in a small house in the suburbs. Ever since her mother died, Di had depended on her father for everything. They had a wonderful relationship and loved each other very much. One morning, Di’s father was leaving on a business trip. As they ate breakfast […]

I am aware that the title of my story seems a little over the top, however you’ll soon see why I chose it. It seems like a lifetime ago, when I was an eight year old and like many other children, I hated having to stop playing in order to take a bath. It meant […]