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It’s Father’s Day this weekend! In celebration of that, we ran this prompt last week: And below you’ll find the nuggets of wisdom which have been imparted by our wise, if not sarcastic, fathers … “No matter what you do in life, always remember to be proud of your achievements and proud of yourself.” – […]

We Malaysians know Raya is coming when the softly invasive-hypnotic whispers of “Yusuf Taiyoob” begin to slowly make their way out of radio ads… … and when the Mak Cik Nasi Kerabu’s stall is no longer present at the bazaar. Without you noticing it, it’s already the last week of Ramadan. Besides getting stuck in […]

Fuckboys aren’t new. The term probably is but essentially what makes up the characteristics of a fuckboy isn’t something us boys and girls have not come across. They’re not like jerks. Jerks are mean and treat you like crap from the get-go. Fuckboys treat you like your their world… and then continue to ghost you […]