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Instead of cancelling the drinks plan, I went ahead to meet that stranger. I wanted to tape off that negative emotion. I wanted my presence and existence to be acknowledged. I wanted to feel like I mean something to someone.

I know that this might sound so hard and maybe even impossible for you to do but instead of carrying that baggage everywhere you go, why don’t you unload it? Start this year with a clean slate and stop obsessing over the fact that you’ve been hurt by someone, that you’ve been broken by someone, etc.

I know that after this article gets posted, I’m probably going to officially lose my status as “Dude” for violating some aspect of the “Bro Code” I was honestly not aware of. I’ll say this much: I know where I stand with my “girl friends” today, know where I stood with them 10 years ago, and know where I’ll stand with them in 20 years.

Whenever you’re feeling low, you come to me. You vent, you release. You feel better. You come out stronger, more confident and ready to take on the world. And then you ditch me. You almost always disappear from my life completely. Until the next time someone brings you down, and you need me again. That’s who you are.

Deep in a relationship myself is when I realised that many other women just like myself actually struggle with partners who are attached at the hips with their bros. The thing is that this behaviour puts a strain on relationships and men just don’t seem to get it.

These are idiot-proof , bullet-proof and stress-free (-ish?) ways to counter and overcome those nasty friendship feuds or Neanderthalic issues that comes with the millennials, which surpasses the good-ol’ confrontation days to a reality where the cowardice trolling takes place behind a computer screen.