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This post was written and submitted by Adam Majid. I have been involved in animal rescue for more than a decade. It’s not something that I generally talk about, because I work mostly with cats, and I do a lot of Kitten Rescues. With newborn or neonatal kittens, let me be honest: there are few happy […]

I suppose one of the things everyone in the world has dreamed of was having a dog. That is, unless you’re allergic, you hate dogs (what kind of person are you?!), or well, it’s against your religion. But all things considered, I haven’t met anyone who hates dogs (or those who have watched a dog […]

My mum once said, ‘In one’s lifetime, one will have at least 5 pets.’ She said it right after my beloved dog, Raven passed away, after suffering from bone cancer, Osteosarcoma. To others, she was fierce. To us; to me, she was way more opposite that fierce. To honour her, my four-legged warrior, here are […]