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Yes, the virus stays in my body but it is treatable not like HPV which can cause cancer and HIV which is life threatening.

Pa, no one can be you. I never appreciated what you had left for me until I was 20, high and on my balcony and broken-hearted trying to find your number to tell you what was wrong, and you consoling me saying, “It’s OK, life happens and I’m here for you.” But here’s the thing… you’re not here, Pa.

So to all the girls out there who are fighting a battle similar to mine, you are not alone. Please remember that even though it is not completely your fault, you still have a right to your dignity and life. Never let trash bring you down.

I told my friend, “I think I still have a lot to do, a lot to check off my bucket list. One of it being, living and working in a different country, if really, I tied the knot; can I still do what I always want to do?”