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Given that he’s been making small steady waves in the local scene, I felt it was time to get back in touch and explore his take on making music, and the music scene in Malaysia. He was kind enough to sit down and play twenty questions with me.

The music industry would definitely be missing out. If the members of Queen pursued what they studied at university, life would be different for them now as well. Brian May would have probably been an expert in astronomy; Roger Taylor would be a biologist; Deacon an electrician and Freddie working in the graphic design industry. There wouldn’t be any chart topping singles and albums worldwide and definitely no chants of We Will Rock You and Scramouche around the world.

There are hardly any songs that would make you feel so good within seconds after listening to them (i.e Earth, Wine & Fire’s September … or any other song by them, to be honest). These days it’s all about Gucci gangs, alcohols, twerking – but don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against it. In […]

Is it me or kids these days are generally happier? I keep waiting for that moment when a bunch of fifteen/sixteen-year-olds with side-swept bangs and “droopy” looking faces hit the mall with their hands tucked in their pockets, the turbulent times of teenage angst etched clearly in their every stride. Perhaps going through an “emo” […]