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First and foremost, let’s all just acknowledge that social media is toxic enough as it is. It’s basically a platform for everyone to flaunt and mask their insecurities with aesthetically curated feeds, creating a whole army of people who aren’t about real moments anymore, just a whole lotta flex. And it is a sad sad sight to see the value of people being reduced to the labels they wear.

Since I’m a white sneaker enthusiast, I dare admit I do know a thing or two, in fact several, about keeping ‘em brilliantly white. I’m going to share with you guys how to take care of your white sneakers, preventing them from yellowing, etc. After these steps, I’m sure you guys will thank me.

Over the past couple of days, a revered Malaysian fashion critic caused quite a storm when she suggested that people over 60kgs should not attend cat walk events as it makes others like herself feel “awkward and uncomfortable” when seated next to thiccies. Her comment basically sent everyone into a frenzy, calling the celebrity image […]