Cringeworthy Malaysian F*ckboy Experiences, Vol. 1

Fuckboys aren't new. The term probably is but essentially what makes up the characteristics of a fuckboy isn't something us boys and girls have not come across. They're not like jerks. Jerks are mean and treat you like crap from the get-go. Fuckboys treat you like your their world... and then continue to ghost you … Continue reading Cringeworthy Malaysian F*ckboy Experiences, Vol. 1

Neonatal Kitten Rescue: The Ugly Truth

This post was written and submitted by Adam Majid. I have been involved in animal rescue for more than a decade. It’s not something that I generally talk about, because I work mostly with cats, and I do a lot of Kitten Rescues. With newborn or neonatal kittens, let me be honest: there are few happy … Continue reading Neonatal Kitten Rescue: The Ugly Truth

I Choose You, Video Games

We’ve all been there. We’re all trying to find an escape from the routine and mundane. For some, cracking a cold one with friends would do the trick. While others, pigging out on comfort food. Or a retail therapy session is all that’s needed. As for me, it’ll be gaming. The first video game I … Continue reading I Choose You, Video Games

[Short Story]: Greetings, Guest.

450 words. Inspired by true events. I had always thought myself sensitive enough to absorb vibes around me, with the ability to easily tell if something was off about a person, thing or place. So when I had arrived at a guest house with my company a couple of states away for a volunteer programme, everything … Continue reading [Short Story]: Greetings, Guest.