What Is This Page All About?

One day, an avid reader of Cracked.com realised that she had a fondness for completely random stories written by contributors on that site. She had an intense longing to read more about people, and for people to write about what they went through, what they learnt and what they discovered throughout the course of their daily lives.

Just like that, a button went off in her head, but alas, the tides of time eroded any plans to make it come into fruition.

But that’s about to change. A sudden recall of the thought came about, and this time there is no stopping this network-website from happening.

The idea of this website is to allow for people to connect, engage, express and bond over the story of their lives or anything under the sun, really, if we’re being honest. We are actively searching and welcoming people who would like to submit stories for the world to read, and that includes you! We bet more people out there would enjoy the very intelligent discussions such as “5 Planets That I Think We Will Inhabit One Day” to the namby-pamby “Why I Think My Boss Should Resign”, to recipes, opinion pieces, tips and tricks… basically anything. Hence, the inspiration behind this website’s title.

We hope you enjoy your time here.