Short Ghost Film

Written by Superhero.


This story happened in 2014. It’s a story regarding my personal experience when I shot a horror short film during my college days. My group of friends and I were active in film making (we’re still active now), and we decided to make a short horror film. I’m the director of the film and it was a first for me.


Although guess what? I’ve done 10 short films so far, won many awards for my movies and still I can’t release my first short film! It’s like a curse. I’ll tell you why, but before that we need to travel back to 2014! Let’s go!


It was my first short film without any experience. We shot the movie in every haunted area included in a graveyard. Well, that’s how the story started first. We didn’t do any prayers prior to shooting. We didn’t ask for “permission” either. We shot some scenes usually in the evening, around 2pm until 4pm.


First, my friend heard someone tell him “get out from here”. He just ignored the voice as he thought someone was pranking him. Well, that was a warning for us but we didn’t listen. We continued to shoot and suddenly the camera shut down automatically… just like that. My friend opened it again, and we could see something foggy on the camera screen. We couldn’t see anything via the screen at all, it was covered with a fog-like thing. We thought to stop the shooting and decided to go back.


That night, another friend saw two spirits in his house: an old lady with a little girl. The next day all of us had bad dreams and we shared it after our lunch break.

Days passed and we were still shooting, until one day I realised something was not right with the female cast who acted as the ghost in the film. She started acting weird… very weird and weak.


My friends decided to go on a small trip to a place near our college area. I didn’t go along with them since I had an important class to attend. The next day we all gathered around and watched all the pics they took there.


Then I saw something very scary, something that made us delete the video after we saw it.


The girl who acted as the ghost (we just call her “S”) looked so weak in that video, she could barely walk. They took a group pic in that place and my friend recorded a video during the trip. Suddenly “S” started to act strange, she gave a horrifying look with an evil smile and she went weak again.


After a sec, she started to do the same thing. Nobody noticed her until after we watched the video. That evening, we brought her to see a priest. With the help of that same priest, “S” finally become normal… she was actually possessed by a spirit after a shooting in the graveyard.


Things never went back to normal after that. All of us experienced bad dreams every day. For me, I always had some kind of feeling that someone was watching me when I slept. I saw a “Shaman” and he only told me one thing: stop the movie or you will suffer more losses in the future!


After a small meetup with the entire movie team, we decided to abort the movie. Things got back to normal after that! There were so many things happening to us but I think it will make the story longer if I wrote it all. The movie footage is still on my friend’s laptop and whenever he wants to edit the footage, the laptop will automatically shut down.


I’m confused until now and the movie still hasn’t been released. After hearing our stories, many teams asked me to shoot the movie again. But we won’t, we’re the only ones who know what we experienced during the shoot and it still gives us all chilling nightmares.

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