Bukit Travers

Written by Khalid.

The first location that I would show you is one so haunted that the people who live there consider it a normal routine to actually ‘bump’ into a supernatural entity every once in a while, let’s say; once a month!


I’ve never heard about a place so scary; I thought that the person who told me was actually just fooling around… until I met someone who encountered ‘something’ sinister there, or I would rather say naughty, judging by what ‘it’ did not very long ago.


My friend was being silly and thought that it would be fun to actually experience seeing a ‘ghost’ since she had never saw one before. Her then boyfriend (now her husband) suggested they go to Bukit Travers, because he heard a lot of stories about that hill. So, she took with her one of her girlfriends, who was just as excited as she was, and headed to Bukit Travers.


And she chose a spot in Bukit Travers; a staircase going down from the main road leading to the inner roads of the housing area. It was well over midnight. Her friend waited at the top of the stairs and she waited at the foot of the stairs, about 35 steps below. They didn’t have to wait long.


In just fifteen minutes, she saw a lady-like apparition crouching on the gates of one of the houses of that inner road. The apparition did nothing, it just crouched there. Then she heard a scream. Something happened to her friend. She ran up the stairs to find her half-stricken friend all white and pale.


They didn’t wait any longer. They got to their car and quickly drove off. She asked her friend what happened. Her friend explained that something pulled her hair from behind, but when she looked around she saw nothing.


Well, that was an experience! So, I think its worth a try for you guys out there looking for these ‘beings’. Like my friend, she didn’t believe in the supernatural, until that night. And the experience is life-changing.


Here, I’m putting up photos of Bukit Travers and how to get there all the way to the staircase where my friend chose to wait.


First, get to Jalan Bangsar. You know, where the Bangsar LRT station is. Head towards the KL, and you will see Travers Police Station on your left. Just before it is a junction leading up the hill. That’s the road you should be taking. Here’s the photo of the junction:


Go straight, and you can see some nice houses on your right. Here’s the photo:

You will reach a small roundabout. Take the first turning at 9 o’clock. Here’s the photo:

Then keep on and don’t leave the road. You will see a great view of Bangsar on your right in moments. Then watch for this small staircase on your right. Here’s the photo:

Here you will see the whole length of the stairs. So, try it out and post your supernatural experience, if any. If you couldn’t get any, please do tell me so that I know that its just another fake spot. Here are more photos of that staircase:

If you decide to go for it, please don’t forget about what I mentioned; do not go alone, tell someone about where and when you are going and lastly, bring a video recording device.

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