Nasi Lemak Cheese and The Insanity of Weird Cheese Combos in Malaysia

Written and submitted by Lady Kirat.


I’m a tad late to the party, but has anyone noticed the strange cheese trend going around these days?

Sure, we have our standard cheese naan or the trendier KFry but WHAT ABOUT THE NASI LEMAK CHEESE, PEOPLE?



(Yes, the goopy cheese and sambal mixture is sure to viciously attack your palate)


This union is what I call the unholy matrimony between the Nasi Lemak trend and 2019’s  restaurant viral lifehack.

Because suddenly CHEESE. IS. EVERWHERE.


Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 10.00.57 AM

So in my curiosity, I did a bit of *ehem* investigating (read: descending into the rabbit hole of the internet). And I am ter-keju-t with all the wacky combinations out there.

They say sharing is caring, so I’m going to present my findings on a (cheese) platter for you to judge.

Tell me if you think they’re any gouda, because I really wonder who gave these people the parmesan to do this to our tastebuds.

Aiskrim Malaysia Cheese



Okay, this one doesn’t actually sound that gross. You’ve probably already tried this before at some atas dessert place or even that happening Tokyo Cheese Ice Cream place in Pavilion KL.

But doing it Aiskrim Malaysia style is on a whole new level lah.

This recipe calls for mixing some cream cheese, milk, sugar and blueberry/strawberry filling.

Sounds like a frozen cheecake tbh.

Ok lah, this one gets a pass. Especially in this heat.

Char Kuey Teow Cheese

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 10.04.17 AM.pngCredit:


This has probably been the most offensive combination ever. The DISRESPECT on a Malaysian delicacy!

Penangites are up in arms! This is a call to defend our baby and we can’t simply wok away!

The perpetrator of this monstrosity is an eatery in Cyberjaya that douses a perfectly BEAUTIFUL plate of char kuey teow with cheese for RM7.

According to Twitter user @ShibliVision, it’s not bad but netizens are NOT having it. Neither am I.. I am giving this cheesy combo a hard pass.

Sambal Petai and Blue Cheese Burger




That’s it guys. The end is near. The magic combination that will guarantee bad breath for at least 24 hours. You can’t even kiss your girlfriend goodbye because she’s most probably already run away to the next planet.

This. This is why we can’t have nice things.


But if you’re up for a challenge, head on to BurgerLab to make out with ‘The Stinkbomb’. Good luck, kawan-kawan.

But that not the worst offender I found!

The weirdest cheese combo award goes to…..



Yep. You read that right.

An eagle-eyed Twitter user spotted this cheesy ad that honestly makes me wonder if you get slathered in cheese during the massage.

There you go, Malaysia. Your obsession with cheese has got me angry, worried and amused at the same time.

Let me know what other legen-dairy cheese combinations you’ve seen. I need to know if there’s anything cheddar out there.

UP NEXT: Up Next, Another Trend That Wont Die – Salted Egg

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