Half of Me

Written by fats. In collaboration with Kunyit Squared.

This short story/ poem appears in Kunyit Squared Volume 1, a zine featuring crowdsourced queer Malaysian writings published by homegrown podcast Kunyit Squared. All sales proceeds are donated to PT Foundation and the zine is available for purchase now via Kunyit Squared’s socials:
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i hide half of me

in the gaps between my ribs

where love curls and wilts and dies

where soft things stick themselves to hard surfaces

make home in the pit of my stomach

heavy heavy heavy

with the silence secrets bring

fears of misunderstandings

fears of being casted out

being hurt

being made to feel less

or too much

or nothing

parts of me that i keep




filling my insides

until there’s no space left for breathing

dying with forbidden dreams

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