5 Things We Take For Granted


Some days and some nights when my stubborn indignation at the world doesn’t swallow me whole, I take a step back and remind myself of 5 things you and I take for granted.


Close-up of Human Hand

I haven’t met a single person in my life who doesn’t hate or at the very least, mildly dislike their jobs. Some Mondays it’s really hard to roll out of bed at ungodly break of dawns, heave the usual sigh and force-sit ourselves on a rickety swivelling office chairs, doing work we don’t always like with people we don’t always get along with. Work sucks, it’s always going to suck. In fact, the very prerequisite for ‘work’ is that it must suck at some point or in some ways. But I guess I remember being at a certain point in my life where this job I am employed into right now was something I needed, it was a chance and we all know they don’t give out chances like candy these days. So on those days when work suck like crap, I won’t take it for granted because it is still something I do for a living, and I remember how badly I wanted this at one point of time.


Clear Glass With Red Sand Grainer

I hate how every December we sit down nervously at hipster cafes, trying to squeeze in quality time with everyone we can because we promised to see each other some time along the year but we blinked a few times and it’s already December. I hate how for 5 solid years someone can be your soul sister, the best friend from another set of parents you never knew you have and then in one day or one week or even a month, they’re suddenly strangers. Things change fast in the blink of an eye and I won’t take time for granted anymore because this second right here as you’re reading this is the youngest you will be as of now.


U.s Dollar Bills Pin Down on the Ground

I heard you snorting, “What wealth?” as your eyeballs rolled itself backwards into the dark abyss that is your mind. I go broke 15 minutes into payday. I sometimes cannot afford to drink large size bubble tea because it’s a dollar more expensive than a regular. I try to save and somehow manage to achieve a deficit at the same time. But I’m slightly richer today than I was 4 years ago when I made about 50% lesser income than I do now and even though my net worth is not even on par with a sugar container on Bill Gates’ dining table, I won’t take my steadying financial growth for granted. 4 years ago I dreamed about making this amount of money and goodness, it seemed like a lot at the time. But money is and never will be enough – so be thankful with what you have now because it is always better than nothing.


Person Using Black Blood Pressure Monitor

I feel that it’s important for me to begin with a disclaimer that I don’t possess chiseled abs and my regular diet doesn’t consist of quinoa and poke bowls. In case the previous point didn’t give away the fact that I’m 100% high on bubble tea diet, well, I’m one to take taro balls and pearls over an avocado smoothie any day. That aside, I must confess to appreciate my amazing metabolism – which has declined greatly now that I’m under the red for a quarter life crisis. Here’s the thing though, you may not look like whatever your idea of sex on legs is, but if your nose isn’t blocked right now then you’re Gucci, fam. It’s appalling how I suddenly have anxiety issues and claustrophobia when the only mental health struggle I had all these years was probably anger issues. I mean, suddenly I get palpitations out of a normal Wednesday and the doctor told me I ‘overused’ my thumb – I haven’t even hit 30 yet! So yes, if you can walk, breathe, see, hear, taste etc – you best not take it for granted.


Low Section of Man Against Sky

Let’s be clear that even though your mom still has daggers for eyes whenever you tell her you’ll be out late, if you’re not bound in chains or is living every second under threats to your life then you have the freedom to live your life to some extent, under scrutiny of some laws. But that’s the whole point, yes, it’s constrained but if you are one drive away from SS15’s bubble tea heaven and nobody/nothing is really stopping you then don’t take that for granted. Go get that regular, half sugar bang bang milk tea.

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