All “Paws” on Deck @Common Ground, Petaling Jaya

Written by Adam Majid.


It has been said that adopting a pet, means a lifetime of responsibility. The first step is to adopt, and not shop for a pet. Tuesday the 23rd of April saw the just opened Common Ground, Jaya One (CGJ1) hosting PAWS and Pet Lovers Center (PLC) in hosting an adoption drive for cats.  This is the first pet-friendly co-working space in Malaysia, where literally every day is “bring your pet to work day.”

The adoption drive was part of an ongoing collaboration between PAWS led by Edward Lim and Jocelyn Soo from Pet Lovers Center, with the support of CGJ1. The event was part of the ongoing “TLC with PLC Furever Friend office Edition.” The event objectives were to reduce office stress by playing with a furry companion, raise awareness about pet abandonment, and to give ten cats a chance to find a forever home.

image 1

With roughly 30,000 stray cats and dogs on the nations’ streets, PAWS is one of several animal rescues that is fighting a long war for these animals. PAWS currently rescue roughly 120 animals a month and can only find homes for 50-60 animals per month. Representatives from PAWS, & PLC were on hand to answer questions and provide those staggering numbers as well as give details on how to build a relationship and the basic pet needs.

Ms. Amanda Johnson, Assistant Community Manager for Common Ground Jaya One, said that they “were so excited to be a part of such an amazing cause – we believe that all animals deserve a second lease on life and love, and the chance at a forever home!” Her enthusiasm for such causes was made clear, as she went on to say, “We hope to host events like these more frequently to raise public awareness on how we can contribute to the good work PAWS does.”

Such events underscore the presence of animal welfare issues in Malaysia. Malaysians love their animals, and its time we do what is right for them too: – Spay and neuter, and if you want a pet, please adopt instead of shop. If you would like more information or want to give a cat or its forever home, contact PAWS directly.

I’ll be trying to do a more in-depth interview with someone from the Common Ground team in Petaling Jaya to dig a bit more into what they’re thinking. If you’ve got a question you want to be asked, let me know in the comments below!

As always, I hope you’re enjoying reading what I’m doing and will take the time to give some support via a paypal donation. As always, read and enjoy-lah!

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