Wear The Party Panties Today Because Today Is All That Matters

Written by Nicola Lawler.


Don’t wait to celebrate anything! Wear the party panties today! Someone once told me a story about the party panties and it gave me a really good giggle because it was so silly so I’m going to share that with you today. Hearing it was a very big aha moment because I was guilty as charged. It’s essentially a story about buying a specific thing and having waited for that perfect occasion to use said thing, only to find it’s still in your drawer or closet many months later because that very special occasion didn’t happen as expected.

Party panties was the example I was given, but insert anything in its place and it’s all the same. I think we’ve all at some point bought something fabulous and waited to use it for that very special day. Whether it’s a New Years Eve outfit, the good china, a fabulous new pair of boots, it’s all the same.

Saving things for special occasions is essentially telling yourself that you and your everyday life are not special enough to warrant the use of wonderful things. When in actuality, today is the only day that matters. Remember that yesterday is in the past, gone forever. And tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, but more importantly, is never promised. Today is all you have! That sounds like such a simple thing, but, if you really think about it, those statements are very powerful! These are things that we sometimes forget.

How differently would it make your day or current situation feel if you used that something special today? It feels good to wear new pretty things, use the fine china, or even open a bottle of lovely wine! You may have a completely different outlook on this basic normal day, and every day if you allowed yourself the pleasure of using the finer things you’ve purchased now! With the sense of treating ourselves, somehow it makes us more mindful of what’s really important in life.

One of the things that strikes me often is when my husband reminds me that it’s a great day because, in his words, “I woke up on this side of the dirt.” That may seem very rude and insensitive, but ask someone like him who has been a juvenile diabetic over twenty years, or someone has a debilitating disease, or is dealing with end stage cancer what their thoughts are on the subject. They’ll tell you that they don’t have the luxury of taking today for granted as most do. So wear the party panties! Use the crystal glasses! Open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion! Because that special occasion is today!


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