Our House Behind The Cemetery

Written by chel_87.


never thought I would write in this website. I’ve been a silent reader for many months. Although it may sound stupid, I’ll tell you about my experience. I’m a very scared person when it comes to paranormal stuff since young. I’ll be the most interested person to join in for a horror movie or a spooky story, and end up with the bed lights on. I can’t be alone in the dark, and I have to have my house door open if I’m alone. Although I’m scared as hell, I’ve never really encountered any paranormal incidents (I don’t want to anyway) until the story I’m about to tell. One when I was young – which I don’t know if it was really a “ghostly incident”.

Anyway! This happened back when I graduated from high school (SPM) and enrolled in a short-term course back in 2005 with my best friend. It was a 6 month course, and quite far from our house. So, we had to rent a room nearby the institute. It was an exciting time as this was our first time way from home. After that, we were already living in a particular room until we had some tenant problems and had to find another room nearby.

So one evening, my parents came over to help us find another room. It was dark already, and finally we found a signboard saying “Room For Rent” outside a huge terrace house. Mom quickly made a phone call and the tenant came over and said he had three rooms in the house. Two were still vacant and another one had a taker but the person was only coming in next month.

He showed us around. The house was huge, although it needed some cleaning, we were okay with it out of desperation. The next day, we had some major clean up done to the house. Once that was done, we went out to have a look around the house as well (it was dark the night before). And lo, and behold we found that there was a cemetery right in the backyard. The nearest one was even touchable (that near). We saw the name engraved as Vincent (forgot the middle and last name) and his date of birth was somewhere in 1989 – 1989. Which means Vincent was a baby.

We got a little scared staying there alone, but reassured ourselves that it would be fine due to the cheap rent and privacy since the whole house will be ours (at least for a month or so before others move in).

So the main incident happened one night when we came back from our class, took a shower and roamed around the house. All the doors of the room and kitchen were always closed. We were touring the house peeking into the huge kitchen and the other rooms. Soon we got bored and wondered what to do as it was still early to sleep. So we suggested a nice time for relaxation. We lit up one or two candles around the hall, closed our eyes for some meditation (sounds silly I know, but that was the only thing we could think of that time). All of a sudden, the room became unusually cold, and we could hear the soft sound of wind chime.

It wasn’t normal. That chill was the most scariest feeling I’ve ever felt. Both of us opened our eyes, and immediately saw the scared look on both our faces. We ran into our room and closed the door. (My friend even managed to blow out the candles).

We stared at each other without talking for a while, wondering what in the world did we just encounter. We were both wondering about how the wind could have come in as all our doors and windows were tightly shut (my mom strictly ensured that).

After a while, we got tired and slept off.

But, in the middle of the night, I was awakened by a loud bang on our room door. I got up in shock thinking I was dreaming, turned out my friend was also awakened by the same noise. (I could still feel the goosebumps while I’m writing this). We sat up on our beds listening again for any other sound. And to our our greatest horror, we heard someone walking outside our rooms wearing my slippers! To and fro, to and fro in front of our room continuously. We knew it was my slippers as my slippers made a squeaking water noise when walked on since we used it to go to the bathroom.

My friend got so freaked out and jumped onto my bed and we ended up sleeping (don’t know how) in one bed holding my Bible, and my friend with her Quran. We were that scared. Two girls in a huge lonely house hearing noises outside of the room was no joke. There was no way anyone could have walked into in the house without us noticing and opening main door would have been noisy – and that was locked inside with our own lock that my mom bought! That meant that even the landlord couldn’t have come in.

The next day we woke up and started to get ready like normal. The daylight seemed to have cured our fears. We went out of the room to take our bath, and saw both of our slippers were thrown here and there. That means, someone did use the slippers!

That was the only incident that occurred at the place. We stayed in for another month or so, and managed to get another room to rent just three houses away. The tenant told us that the previous house we stayed in did have a lot of disturbance and no one has stayed there for more than 2 or 3 months.

After we left, an Indian family bought the house. They had a small baby with them. One day, our new tenant told us the new Indian family was having a cleansing prayer in that house, as there were a lot of disturbances and the baby kept crying.

That was my experience. I have told many of my college mates and friends about this. Some took it seriously, some didn’t, but this really happened. And both my friend and I will never ever forget that!

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