Malaysian Cosplayer Profile: Ciara Cross

Written and submitted by Adam Majid.


Twenty-three-year-old Ciara Cross is a Malaysian Cosplayer who has been part of the local scene for just under a decade, with over a dozen different Cosplays to date. Her first Cosplay was the character Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight For those who don’t know, Vampire Knight is a Japanese shōjo manga series written by Matsuri Hino that premiered in January 2005 and officially ended in May of 2013. Over her time as a Cosplayer, her favorite Cosplay to date is “Persephone” a Fanart Cosplay based on the illustration by Javi Draws.

Yuuki Cross – Vampire Knight School Uniform                                           Cosplay Modern Persephone Fanart (Javi_draws)
image 3 Cindy Aurum, Final Fantasy XV.Cindy Aurum, Final Fantasy XV.


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Ciara. I like things that are pink and sparkly, I have a cheerful personality. I enjoy the hobbies I do which includes video gaming, make-up looks, Cosplay and mostly girly things like shopping! Other than that, I’ve very talkative and love animals, but my favorites are definitely dogs – especially Shiba Inus because of how fluffy and adorable they are! They are my spirit animal.

I currently work two jobs at the moment, but both are in Public Relations where I handle both Corporate & lifestyle Despite the hectic and sometimes crazy working hours behind the scenes of events, it’s a great learning experience about managing, planning and executing events.


image 4 Cosplay Inspired by the work of @Javi_Draws
Cosplay inspired by @Javi_Draws

2. What made you start Cosplaying? And how long have you been into it?

When my best friend Alisa decided to bring me to my first Anime convention event (Comic Fiesta) in KLCC back in 2010. The experience was so amazing for me that from there, we decided that we were going to Cosplay together the next convention that would come up after. I have been into Cosplay for about 8-9 years bringing in more of my best friends to Cosplay with me!

3. What’s your favorite Cosplay that you have done already?

My modern Persephone (Fanart Cosplay). It is one of my favorite Cosplays due to the character’s story and she was drawn by favorite artist of mine that I follow @Javi_Draws. She is the Goddess of Spring as well as the Queen of the Underworld in Greek mythology. If you love these kind of stories, I’d recommend checking out Lore Olympus by Rachel Smyth who made a wonderful web comic on modern Persephone x Hades.

image 5 Futaba Sakura, Persona 5Futaba Sakura, Persona 5


4. What Cosplays are you planning on doing (or redoing) in the future?

Princess Zelda, from Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, in her Royal Outfit. It’s still a work in progress, especially the props more than the costume itself. I’d like to give a shout out to Hyrpoz Studio and Ruby’s Cosplay Shop for taking in my commission requests! Hopefully, I will get to debut this Cosplay at Star Sūpā Comic 2 coming this July 2019!

5. What was the most difficult Cosplay you’ve done? What made it difficult?

Kougyoku Ren Cosplay from “Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic.” It was an elaborate gown to wear which made it difficult to move around. Even putting the outfit together made me discover how complicated it was to dress in it. There were the accessories on my wig, and the DIY petticoat I made to be used underneath the costume and a lot more in etc.  I just want to say it was a very “heavy” Cosplay at the time.

image 6 Luna-freya Nox Fleuret, The Oracle. Final Fantasy XV.Luna-freya Nox Fleuret, The Oracle, Final Fantasy XV.


6. Do you prefer to do solo Cosplays, or Cosplays with other people and why?

It really depends on the character I’m Cosplaying but most of the time I prefer to Cosplay with other people because it is more interactive and fun to shoot together. There is just a lot more than you can do with a group Cosplay including photoshoots, videos and skits which just makes Cosplay more fun especially with people I enjoy the company of.

7. Are there any other Cosplayers that you really admire?

Yes! There are so many! Both local and international! For international Cosplayers to name a few they would be Geheichou, Jin.behindinfinity, Akrcos (Amanda), and moderatelyokaycosplay (John) just to list a few of them. Among the local Cosplayers, I really admire Ying Tze, Yugana, and Jennshi. But there are just the few that come immediately to mind…the list goes on and on! I love their Cosplays because I learn something new from each of them. From crafting, make-up skills, poses for Cosplay, editing/retouching photos, wig styling and many more. When they bring the characters to life in their Cosplays. It inspires me so much to touch on my creative outlet to do the same for my Cosplays.

image 7 Hanato Kobato, KobatoHanato Kobato, Kobato


8. Have you learned more about yourself since you started Cosplaying? If you have, what did you learn?

I’ve learned a lot since I started Cosplay, and not just about costumes, wigs, make up, crafting props and where to shop for materials. Cosplay has helped me get in touch with my more creative side and also boost my self-confidence over the years. I look back and see how my skills have improved in all these different areas. Some of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned in time that have also been useful in day-to-day life.

image 8 Akira Kurusu (Gender bend), Persona 5Akira Kurusu (Gender bend), Persona 5


9. What makes you choose to Cosplay a certain character?

I used to be one of those people who would get so inspired by my favorite characters that I wanted to do Cosplay them all at once! But I learned early on that it is dangerous to focus on too many cosplays at once as you start to lose your drive and focus because you’re working on so many Cosplays. Hence, now when I choose a character I study and research them like an actual project. From character design, personality, how much passion I have for the character that I am going to cosplay. Literally making a PowerPoint presentation in the process. Pacing myself & focusing on 1 character at a time is truly worth it. I can assure you the end results is so satisfying. Achievement unlocked! I mostly like to try out all sorts of Characters. If I like it, I’d want to do it! Mostly cute, fun & sexy characters for me.

10. What is your opinion on the whole make your own costume versus buy your own costume? Is one better than the other?

This has been an interesting question the gets every Cosplayer talking! I think people tend to forget that Cosplay is for fun. Whether you go on the crafty route, you are exploring and learning new ways to make a costume. For people who purchase their cosplays, you are helping those providing their services to make a living from it. It’s a win-win situation. I see nothing wrong with it at all.

I mostly buy my Cosplay outfits or get them commissioned by tailors because I have zero skills in sewing. I do research & work closely with tailors to learn more about the process making of how I’d like my costume to be made. It’s definitely not nice when you start shaming people who buy their costumes. People have to understand not all Cosplayers have the materials, time, budget or even a space to work on a costume – especially for those doing their first cosplay. Along the way, we eventually learn more when we start getting into Cosplay.

The main problem may be when people who buy their costumes claim and act as though they made it. Forgetting to give credit where credit is due to the actual creator of the costume, accessories and/or props. So, don’t be that kind of person. Cosplay is for everyone and it doesn’t make you any less of a Cosplayer if you make or buy your costume. Everyone is Cosplaying for the same reason; to dress up, enjoy and have a fun good time doing it!

11. If anyone would like to see more of your Cosplays or get in touch with you for events and/or sponsorship, how can they reach you?

To see more of my Cosplays, cosplans and to get in touch with me, you can reach me through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There you have a short and sweet profile of Malaysian Cosplayer Ciara Cross! Stay Tuned for profiles on more up and coming Cosplayers in the coming weeks!

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