Why Do We Deprive Ourselves By Trying To Race To The Finish Line?

Written by Nicole Lawler.


It’s the harsh realization, but unless you’re in an actual race, it’s not your job to race to the finish line. Life is short enough without all of society trying to quickly get through the next step before we’ve even finished the current step. It’s so very important in this life to enjoy everything before you with joy and gratitude while paying attention to the journey along the way. It’s in the journey of life that we receive our blessings, learn our lessons and grow as a person, but most are so busy taking that next step, that we tend to miss those important milestones that shape our lives.

For Type A personalities such as myself, this is such a hard lesson. By continuously focusing on doing what’s right and attaining the goal, most times you miss out on all of the beauty right in front of you. More importantly, in life there are lessons to be learned and if you are continuously looking for the finish line, those lessons get away from you. But rest assured, they will most certainly come back to bite you. They always do, so take the time to smell the roses and enjoy the journey, however difficult a journey it may be. Truly, it’s your journey to have and living in the now allows you to appreciate, recognize, process, learn and grow. Don’t we all deserve that much?

Talk to the mother who couldn’t wait for her baby to walk for the shear convenience of it, and then ask her how she feels after her baby no longer wants to be held. It’s only when that child is now walking that she realizes she missed reveling in the moment of that very last time her baby wanted to be held close to her. It’s a sad realization for her that she wanted to rush the process and she’ll never be able to get that moment back.

Remember to take the time in this moment to look at all of the beauty around you. In chaotic, confusing or even sad times in your life, just take the time to sit in the current moment looking at all of the blessings in your life. Easier said than done, yes, but remember that at the end of the day, tomorrow is not promised. All you have is today and this moment. And although things may seem sometimes less than ideal and you may even have to look harder than usual at times, your blessings are always there, right in front of you.

I share this with you because writing is how I heal me, and I just recently forgot the lesson of enjoying the journey yet again. Like many, I fall down often, but eventually I get back up again and if I can help one person through my own experience, I’m being called to do just that. So please also share this with anyone you feel could use this gentle reminder of the important things in life.

Love and light to you!

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