It’s Clinging To Her // That’s Out Of Line

Two horror experiences written by selkay.


1. It’s Clinging To Her


I hope I don’t sound like I watch too many Thai horror movies. This seriously creeped me out, that I need to let it out. I was undergoing my training (as a trainee counselor) in a particular government that dealt with a lot of unfortunate individuals going through hard times in their lives. This happened during my first week of training.

Madam Lisa (not her real name) was not my client but due to the fact that the organisation was short staffed, I was assigned to do an intake interview to see whether she was eligible for benefits. The moment she walked in to my room, I sensed something else was with her. I took a cursory glance at her and saw a dark shadow, looked like a toddler or baby clinging to her right calf as she walked. It was unsettling for me, because my instinct told me that it wasn’t friendly at all. I struggled to concentrate during the interview.

As it turned out, Lisa was struggling financially with 4 children to feed, her husband was twice involved in road accident and Lisa was fired because she kept missing work. To make the whole thing more complicated, Lisa ws pregnant with her fifth child.

As I was concluding the interview, Lisa told me that she was feeling tired all the time that whole year, her children kept getting sick and she had a hard time sleeping due to nightmares. I couldn’t help but think that the ‘thing’ clinging to her calf was responsible for the misfortunes. I really wanted to tell her what I saw but did not do so due to adherence to office policy.

I did not see Lisa again after that, but heard from colleagues that she fell from her bike and miscarried. I feel bad for her and I can’t shake off the image of that thing clinging to her calf. I still wonder what was it that I saw.


2. That’s Out Of Line

I had my fair share of brushes with the spirit world. This was the only time I was physically touched by our invisible friends.

My fiancé was hopping from job to job after graduation and it really took a toll on our relationship as I had no problem with my career at all (great salary but I decided to go back to grad school). So when he finally landed a job as an assistant plantation manager for a pretty reputable company, I was beyond relieved. The job entailed living in the oil palm plantation wherever the company decide to post the employees. Each employees is provided a house in the plantation. It was a huge plantation. Due to my studies, we were in a sort of long distance relationship (almost 4 hours’ drive from my campus to his work place). Our arrangement was that I’ll drive down whenever I had a semester break or a few days off.

The first time I stepped into the house, I felt a heavy sense of unease. The more accurate description was that it felt like a heavy sense of discontent and unhappiness. I said nothing to my fiancé. There were 3 rooms and two toilets in that house. I did not like the kitchen at all.

Whenever I cooked or passed by the kitchen to go to the toilet, I kept feeling as if I was in a crowded room. The feeling was similar to being at a party?

A few times when I was cooking lunch I actually felt someone tugging my shorts. I wore pretty tight shorts, and the tugging caused it to literally slide off my hip. And every time I turned around, expecting a playful fiancé, no one was there.

The master bedroom was no better, after my fiancé went to work 6.30 in the morning I would have trouble going back to sleep because whoever was in there wouldn’t stop their babbling. It was like a group of people decided that it would be fun to hold their weekly meeting in there. And the living room? Not nice at all; junk food like sweets and cookies kept missing and turning up randomly. No signs of rats, not even a single dropping.

I kept all of this quiet from my fiancé as I didn’t want him to be worried. Until one day, when I was on a long distance call with my mother, the signal in the master bedroom was not great so I opened the main door and stood there talking to her when I felt a pair of firm hands push me out, causing me to slip two steps down land around 3 to 4 meters from where I was standing. Of course, I was shaken, I gathered my wits and walked back into the master bedroom just in time to feel something slightly more solid than a gust of wind go through me. Yup, it went straight through me. The sensation felt like someone threw a bucket of ice water at me while I was having a brain freeze?

That was it! I called my fiancé and told him to get someone to cleanse the house or I would never come back again. He did as told but seeing how pissed I was at the house, he applied to change to another house. Surprisingly, they assigned another house to him immediately without asking any questions.



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