10 Malaysian Myths & Beliefs About Ghosts, Plus Tips For Haunted Hotel Rooms

While hearing ghost stories from friends, you get advise on what to do and what not to do, right? Well, here are some funny ones that I’ve heard so far. Don’t ask me why or how these myths and beliefs came about because as mysteriously as it appears, it’s passed on from generations (or perhaps friends) to generations. “They” say…

  1. Do not stand at the corner of the lift/elevator. Apparently, that’s where the spirits like to lurk. (This one I can explain, perhaps from those ghost movies that you usually watch? Remember when the victim would just get into the lift and press the button then suddenly in the corner of his eyes, he would see someone’s feet in the other corner?)
  2. Do not lean your body or face against the wall. It is said that spirits move about by crawling along the wall so… you won’t want to get in their way, would you?
  3. Do not call your friend’s name out loud or even answer to someone calling you when you are jungle trekking. It is said that the forest spirits would lure you by calling your name.
  4. For the Chinese who celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival, it is said that once you start offering food during this day, you will need to continue with it as the spirits would come looking for your offering the following year.
  5. Remember the rules and regulations of staying in a hotel? You can look for more there. We’ll get to that later below…
  6. If you hear something and you know that it’s not right (eg. noises in an empty office where there’s no one but you), don’t call out or ask aloud who’s there. It is said that the spirits might just be playing and by calling out, you are acknowledging their existence and they would be more than happy to continue disturbing you.
  7. Get enough lighting in corridors. It is said that spirits like to lurk at dark and damp places, and corridors are some of the best places. Lighting would prevent spirits from choosing the corridors as their hiding place.
  8. Dog tears would open up your third eye. Anyone tried that?
  9. If a spirit disturbs you and it’s not willing to leave, swear as much as possible. It is said that spirits are afraid of them. See, you now you can officially tell everyone it’s good to learn bad words first in any language.
  10. If the cinema is full and there are empty seats at the last row, do not get an itchy butt and move to the empty seats. It is said that those empty seats are left for our ‘friends’. (I’ve personally experienced it before where the whole cinema was full except for the seats at the last row but then again, perhaps it was just a bunch of people that bought the ticket but did not appear for the screening.)



They say, when you walk into a hotel room, there are a few things that you should do before you relax. The objective? To ease the spirit that happens to be occupying the room that you are about to spend time in for the next few nights. The question remains: is it really to ease the spirits there or is the truth really about easing our own minds from unnecessary thoughts?

Here are some guidelines that I’ve collected from various people about what you should do before you even claim the room as yours:

Rule No. 1 – Knock the door before you enter the room.
You can even ring the room bell if you want. This is said to “inform” the spirits that you are about to enter the room. It’s a polite gesture so the spirits might not feel offended if you just barge into their room.

Rule No.2 – Flush the toilet as soon as you enter the room.
This is say to flush away all the bad things in the room.

Rule No.3 – Cover the mirrors in the bedroom.
Remember to cover the mirrors. This is to ensure that they are not staring back at you from the other end.

Rule No.4 – Make sure your shoes are both in opposite faces. Eg, one half of the shoe faces up, the other half faces down.
This is to have the yin and yang effect. A natural balance in the room.

Rule No.5 Don’t leave the bed unattended (Double bed rooms)
This only applies if you are not occupying the other bed. Make sure you put things on the bed. This is to ensure you are not inviting any invisible vistors to spend the night in your room. In fact, I have a friend that finds any of his stuff to put around at even the chairs.

Rule No. 6 – Leave the bathroom lights on at all times.
Spirits like to hang around at damp and dark places and your bathroom would seem inviting if the rest of the room has lights on. By switching the lights on, spirits might probably find your room inhabitable

Rule No.7 – Always request for double bedroom.
This only applies to those traveling alone. Its said that by ordering another bed, you would not face a situation where the spirit might just be sleeping next to you as you can’t even occupy the whole queen sized bed by yourself.

Rule No.8 – Say “NO” to rooms near exits.
They say that rooms that are next to exit (emergency) areas usually attract more spirits than other rooms. Why? It’s because of the lonely and deserted stairway that attracts these spirits. And because they travel easily (through walls), they tend to linger around the next room just to disturb the unfortunate inhabitant.

These are just a few bits of the rules and regulations of the unseen and supernatural world. Perhaps you might want to share a bit of your own tips?


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