(R/18+) – Our First Staycation, Ep. 3

Note: This is a continuation of my first erotic fiction series written exclusively for anythinglah.my. Enjoy episode one here, and episode two here.


“I’ll be there in a second, I’m getting dressed.”

“Okay sir, no problem.”

I turn the vibrator down back to zero on my phone and walk over to the side of the bed where you’re facing. Your eyes are glazed over and your lips are parted slightly. I brush your hair behind your ear and try to communicate with you ,

“Baby girl, you need to get up right now and follow me.”

I reach over to pull your black dress back down to cover your bottom and conceal the equipment I’ve parked inside your asshole: a pink remote-controlled vibrator with a little antenna-like bit sticking out of you. I’m not sure if it’s designed for anal use, but I trust that it won’t disappear inside you nor will it fall out unexpectedly; I think we’re all good on that front.

I understand the daze that you’re currently experiencing. If I’m being honest, getting you dazed out like an addict was one of the things I wanted to accomplish. My words are probably incoherent to you right now if you can hear them at all, so I gently grab a handful of your hair by the base of your neck and guide you up. It’s easier for someone in your current mental state to respond to physical gestures than it is to respond to verbal ones.

“Follow me now, and keep your mouth shut,” I say as I guide you onto your shaky feet and move you towards the front door. You instinctively have your arms stretched out to try and compensate for your lack of balance as you move with your head in my control.

“Just a moment” I remind the room service waiter on the other side.

“No rush, Sir”, the faceless, nameless voice responds.

As we’re both standing right at the door, I reach over at the closet and pull its door open, immediately pushing all of our clothes on the hangers to one side. Doing so reveals the luggage space that’s just big enough for me to fit you in, back first.

Down“, I say to you, and as you lean with your back against the wall and lower yourself to your knees. Your senses are slowly coming back to you and you start to realize what’s happening. As you regain your bearings and it starts to dawn upon you that you’re about to be locked in this claustrophobic space, you look up right at me confused and speechless.

I answer your unspoken question by cradling your face with both of my hands and whispering quietly but with a commanding tone in my voice,

“You’re going to stay here quietly while I deal with this guy. Do not make a sound,”

I grab your hand and slide it down into the front of your dripping-wet underwear, and much to my surprise you seem to bury at least two of your fingers into your soaking pussy without me even having to tell you to; almost as if it was done as an impulse. Impressed as I am, there’s no time to waste.

“Play with yourself and do not stop, but keep your mouth shut. Do you understand me?”

You nod, absolutely compliant to my instructions.

“If you catch his attention, I will tell him to check the closet and he will catch you in here fingering yourself,”

I grab your tits and pull them out of your bra and out of the front of your dress, causing an audible tear in the fabric and leaving you exposed with your tits out in the open air.

“..with your tits shaking in his face,” I add.

“Mouth shut, understood?”

You nod again, your hand in your panties now moving with purpose, just as I had instructed.

“Good girl.”

As I rush to retreat from the closet and reach to close the door in your face, I absent-mindedly let it slip through my lips:

“Love you.”

Both of us freeze right where we are, realizing at the same time that I had finally crossed that line and said those very heavy, very serious words to you. I was going to just shut the closet door and pretend it didn’t happen, but just as I did, I witness you mouthing the words under your breath, “I love you too”.

The door clicks shut, the light inside goes off leaving you in the almost pitch black darkness as you sit there fingering yourself. This I know because I can almost hear your heavy breathing and the sound of your fingers sloppily violating your wet pussy on the inside of the closet. I take a moment to catch myself and breathe.

Fuck, this is finally happening. I wasn’t planning on this being the moment where I first express my true feelings to you, but I’m glad it happened because it seems that I’m not the only one in this ‘relationship’ who feels that way.

I unlock and open the bedroom door, and there stands the waiter in full uniform with a room service cart next to him. I ordered quite a few items, so I know he’s going to be in the room for a few minutes at the very least, though it’ll probably feel like an eternity for the partially naked, masturbating young lady currently hiding in the closet.

From within the closet, the only things you can see are silhouettes of our legs moving past the door, and hear the room service cart rolling by on its squeaky wheels. You’re nervous, you’re scared, but knowing you, you’re also incredibly turned on as you continue carrying out my instructions.

You’d better put your free hand over your mouth, too, just in case you let slip a moan from between your pretty lips, my love. Take deep breaths to keep your heart as calm and stable as one can be in your predicament, but never stop with those fingers. Whatever you’re doing with those fingers, do it like it was your job, like your life depended on it. If not for any other reason, you will do as I say because right now it is the only part of this story that you have any control over.

You can’t see shit, but you figured that I just sat down on the chair by the desk thanks to the sounds you’ve just heard. You hear me raise my voice and say to the waiter, “Take your time. I’m just going to play with my phone for a minute.”

You probably think I’m an asshole because you know damn well I only said that for your benefit. You know I’m taunting you by verbalizing what I’m about to do next. There’s nothing I do that isn’t calculated, and your suspicions are quickly proven true as you feel that vibrator in your asshole suddenly power up again. Your fingers are so deep inside your pussy that you can feel the vibrator buzzing against your own fingertips through the thin wall that separates the two, and its driving you fucking insane.

The direct stimulation from your fingers in your pussy which you’re responsible for, combined with the stimulation from your ass which I’m controlling remotely, and the underlying threat of being caught by the innocent waiter all combine to trigger the most intense orgasms you’ve ever felt in your life. How many times have you cum already in that dark closet? Only you know. I’m just sitting at the desk moving my thumb up and down arbitrarily on the app controlling that vibrator in you, trying my best to listen out for any noises coming from the closet.

The waiter finishes setting up the food and begins to roll his cart out the front door. You must feel so relieved that this ordeal is coming to an end, that he has walked past the closet and out the door.

But that’s exactly when I call him back in. I tell him I’ve forgotten something, so he walks up to me and I hand him a generous tip. As he’s walking past the closet one final time, though this time without a noisy cart to mask any other noise, I turn up the vibrator in your ass to the maximum. I, or shall I say the waiter and me, both hear a squeak come out from the closet. I presume that’s a moan you almost failed to catch in time.

The waiter halts right in front of the closet, and I know for sure that you can see his shoes through the tiny slits in the closet door. He’s confused, looking at the closet trying to figure out what noise he just heard. He knows damn well he just heard something, but his training has taught him to never open doors or touch things without the guest’s explicit permission.

“Is… there something wrong inside here, sir?”

“What do you mean?” I answer, pretending I do not know what the fuck he’s talking about, and saying it loud enough so you can definitely hear me.

“I think I hear a soft humming or vibrating sound inside here sir,”

“Yes, that’s the expensive and very powerful vibrator buzzing inside my partner’s asshole right now”, I wanted to say, instead of “I don’t think so. Try and listen to it closer, maybe?”

Now he’s leaning with his ear practically pressed against the closet door, two or three inches from where you’re hiding and fingering yourself and probably cumming onto that carpeted floor beneath you, too.

Must be terrifying, hearing his hand and ear press against that closet door from where you are, knowing there is no lock on that door to keep him from discovering you.

I think you’ve had enough, so I turn that vibrator back down to zero on my phone, cutting off the humming noise he’s been trying so hard to figure out.

“The sound’s stopped. Must be nothing, I guess. If there are any issues please do let us know, sir.”

“Of course. Thank you for checking.”

He removes the doorstopper he put on the floor when he first arrived, and off he goes with that squeaky cart rolling down the hall.

I give it a few seconds to make sure he’s gone beyond earshot before I call out to you in a clear and slightly teasing voice, “You can come out now.”

Even before I finish my sentence, the closet doors burst open as you fall out and onto the carpeted floor right by the door. Like a newborn deer, you try to get to your feet but your weak legs betray you, and you lose your balance. Your knees a red from kneeling on the harsh, rough carpeting they use for the closet. You’re mumbling incoherently, cursing at me, with such a look of hatred in your eyes that you honestly seem even sexier to me than ever before. The look on your face tells me you’re aroused, confused, even angry at me all at the same time.

Simply put, you look like you want to murder and/or fuck me right now. I can’t tell which is which, but I fucking love it all the same.

Resting your arm against the wall to compensate for your lack of balance, you stumble forwards closer to me with your eyes locked onto mine as if ripping my head off was the only thing on your mind. You’re inching closer, and for a moment there it seems like you’ve regained enough use of your legs to stand up well enough to charge at me.

I expected this. I anticipated this exact reaction. None of it surprises me, because I know how people react when they get pushed beyond anything they’re used to, especially when they find themselves in a blurry and confusing territory between pain, pleasure, and exhibitionism.

Yet, as you charge at me I see one final opportunity to fuck with you. The homicidal confidence that appears on your face for half a second as you regain full use of your legs completely disappears the moment I jack up that vibrator to the max once more, sending shocks up your asshole and neutralizing your legs yet again.

Lucky for the both of us you fall in the direction of the bed and not the floor; wouldn’t want you to hurt your knees now, would we?

You lay on the bed with your furious eyes still locked onto mine, as your mind struggles to stay afloat despite all your limbs completely shutting down at this point. I get up from my chair and move towards you and hold your face again, then to gently grab you by the neck. Instantly, your eyes roll to the back of your head; you can never help it when I do that.

They say that pride comes before the fall. My moment of pride was when you were laying down on the bed with your brains completely shut off, and I took my hand off of your neck just so I could slide my thumb in your mouth for you to suck. I underestimated you, and this will be the cause of my literal downfall.

You suck on my thumb, but the thing that catches me off-guard is when your eyes, white from rolling back so hard, suddenly return to their normal position. In half a second, your eyes become clear as day and stare at me with such anger and, dare I say, ‘determination’, in such a way that for the first time throughout this entire staycation I felt a tinge of fear.

That’s when I feel it. The feeling of your soft lips wrapped around my thumb is suddenly replaced by the feeling of your teeth sinking into my skin. Initially, just hard enough to be considered kinky. But then you bite down with so much force it makes me groan and fall to my knees where I find my face suddenly at the same level as yours, just an inch or two away.

Once there, a slap hits me right across the face, and I go falling into the hotel room’s carpet. I’m fucking stunned. Confused. Mildly aroused, too. But at this exact moment, I’m honestly not sure if you just ended our play session completely, maybe because I pushed you too far.

Next thing I know, you jump on me and pin my shoulders down into the floor. “You fucking bastard”, you yell at me as you rip my tailored shirt open, sending buttons flying all across the room. “Is this what you fucking want?” you say to me as you grab me by the neck. My rock-hard cock twitching right under you in my pants should be a clear enough answer.

But fucking hell, woman, you got a strong grip there. If you’re trying to get me to fall deeper in love with you, you’re doing a fucking good job.

“Bitch”, I answer, now that I understand what the fuck is happening. You haven’t said it yet, but I know you just took over the room. I know I’m no longer the dominant one here. It’s your turn to wield that power, my love, and I am more than ready to surrender all of it to you.

“WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?” you scream as your grip somehow manages to tighten around my neck. You briefly forget that pressure should be on the side of the person’s neck, no the front. Choking me directly from the front squeezes my airpipe and makes me gag and struggle to breathe, though I assume that was your point.

“I said I love you, you crazy fucking bitch.”

You lean in close right up to my left ear to whisper something. You want to take care of a little formality before we begin, but without killing the vibe. I’ve never heard sweeter whispers from a woman before,

“I love you too, but I’m taking over now, and the safeword is “Vanilla”. Nod if you understand, because I will not ask you again.” Your voice, so commanding despite you just whispering.

I nod once, understanding that I just sanctioned whatever the fuck you’re about to do to me from this point forward.

“Good.” is all you say, as you lean down again and bite my left shoulder unapologetically with such force that it makes me roar into the hotel room air just as I did to you earlier. Despite how it feels to have your teeth sink into my body, I can’t help but smile to myself.

With how you’ve just seized control, it’s clear as day to me now: I’ve finally met my match.

To be continued.

In the meantime, enjoy episode one here, and episode two here.

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