(R/18+) – Our First Staycation, Ep. 2

Notes: This is the continuation of my first fictional erotica series here on anythinglah.my. Part one can be found here.


Episode 2

It was a perfect evening. We got cleaned and dressed up; me in my suit and shirt, you in your little black dress that you know I’m so fond of. “Less is more” is a personal philosophy when it comes to outfits, and I love how you exemplify it so well. With the exception of that nice little bulb-shaped piece of stainless steel I left inside you earlier, the only accessories you have on are the necklace I bought for your birthday and a pair of earrings of your choosing.


The hotel room door shuts behind us with that heavy slam they all make, quietly reminding me that good hotels like these have thick walls and doors, and are staffed with employees well-trained to respect guest privacy. This is exactly why I chose this hotel, in addition to its nice view of KL’s old train station just across the street.

Your first stop is the bathroom mirror to take a good look at yourself and grab a few post-dinner selfies. Mine, the telephone on the desk.

“Leave the necklace and makeup on,” I call out to you while the earpiece rests between my head and my shoulder, my finger pressing the key to call room service. We had a good day, we had a great dinner, but as far as I’m concerned the night is still young. So while I’m taking off my suit jacket and unbuttoning my cuffs, I order us a bottle of vodka and some light desserts.

30 minutes, they say.

That’s good. I can work with that timeframe.

I stand there for a moment, clearing the notifications on my phone when I suddenly feel your hands slide around me and move to my chest. You smell nice, and you’re making me feel fuzzy inside by squeezing me from behind with your entire body. My eyes close and I turn my head so I can kiss you before you ask: “Unzip me, please.”

I bite my lip, admiring you from the necklace around your neck down your curves to your feet. I’ve never been a foot fetishist but baby, I’ve never seen feet that turn me on so much, probably by virtue of simply being yours. One hand on the side of your waist, the other gently pulling that zipper down the back of your dress. Even when the zipper reaches the end, you stand still in anticipation, presumably waiting for me to slide the rest of the dress off of you.

I hug you from behind, just as you did to me earlier.

I plant a kiss on the side of your neck, another on the back of your head as I inhale as much of your intoxicating scent as my lungs can fit.

My hand finds a spot on the back of your neck and it moves down between your shoulder blades, making another part of me hard from feeling your silky smooth skin under my fingertips, against my palm. When I reach the right spot, I shove you forward, with just enough force so you can’t catch yourself before you fall face-first onto the big, soft King-sized bed.


It sounds ridiculous when I say it to myself in my head, but even when you fall face first in slow motion you do it with such elegance that I feel like I’m watching some kind of music video. You keep your face down, writhing slowly against the bed to bask in the feeling of the fabric against your entire body.

I get harder but I also feel a soft fuzziness in my chest. Evidently you’re still under my spell, still trusting me deeply with your body and anything that I choose to do with it. God, I want so badly to tell you how I feel right now, but I’m still holding back. I’m only letting my hands do the talking for now.

As you writhe, you lift your waist and ass a few inches of the bed and without thinking my arm swoops in to give your fine ass a backhanded smack across the right side. I do the same with my other hand, subjecting your smooth and fine ass to another one. Another backhanded smack that is heavier and less subtle than a regular spank. You moan into the pillow that you have clenched between both your hands which lets me know you love it, but it’s not where I want you yet.

I continue to smack your ass around with the backs of my hands as if it’s been disobedient to me, as if I’m angry towards you. There’s a certain point that I want to bring you to, and it’s going to take repeated smacks, each spaced out from the next by a few heartbeats, to get you to just the right headspace.

An ass smack that makes you feel good is one thing, but where I’m bringing you to is the place where it starts to burn and sting at just the right balance with the good feelings, so it sends the cocktail of endorphins and adrenaline and whatever the fuck else in your brain into overdrive.

Never once during this entire process do you question me, lash out at me, or even turn back to look at me. You’re wholeheartedly accepting everything that I’m giving you. It’s fleeting moments like these that make me feel like I’m falling in love with you all over again, and while I’m usually in control of such emotions you’re the only woman that I actually allow myself to fall for.

Your moans become more intense, your grip on the pillows get even harder; your body jerks every time another hit lands on your ass. Then it starts happening: it starts to hurt a little. Your moans turn to groans, your voice goes a little deeper, and instead of burying your face in the pillow your head pulls back and you roar out into the air of the hotel room.

“Let it out,” you hear me call from behind you. You can’t see shit with your eyes closed, so all of your other senses are heightened. I love seeing you let yourself go like this, let it all out, especially when I’m the one facilitating your catharsis with my own two hands.

With two final smacks, one on each ass cheek, I let you know that I’m stopping. I hold your thighs with both of my hands and I lean in to plant soft kisses all over your rear. “I’m done baby, you can breathe. You can relax.” You catch your breath and I can immediately feel your entire body become completely limp on the bed.

“Stay where you are”

I walk over to the desk and roll the big, leather Executive chair to the foot of the bed so I can sit on it. You’re too far from that end of the bed so while you’re still writhing from the burning sensation coming from your freshly-smacked ass, I grab you by your calves and firmly pull you back so your body slides about a foot closer towards where I’m sitting.

“Lift up your dress, please.”

You readjust your pillows to your new position on the bed, and then with both hands perfectly synchronized you slide your dress up to reveal your ass just inches from my face as I sit on that chair leaning forward. The view I have just made me think “This image would make a perfect boudoir painting hung up on my bedroom wall at home.”

The jewelled crystal butt plug that I left inside of you before we went down for dinner remains the highlight of that entire view, especially with how the light from the ceiling illuminates the jewel so perfectly as it stands there between your two very pink, very sensitive-to-the-touch ass cheeks. In spite of all of that, the thing that really puts a smile on my face is how evidently you have soaked through your black underwear.

Your ass cheeks must be stinging right now, feeling so raw from how I’ve treated it, in addition to being exposed to the cold air of the hotel room. I decide to lean in and kiss your soaked black panties, right over your pussy lips. Fuck, even my lips are getting glazed as I practically make out with your lips, with just a thin layer of fabric separating my lips from yours.


I almost lose myself completely in your intoxicating taste, smell, and feel, but I manage to pull myself back just in time. I am resisting the urge to lose myself in the ecstacy along with you because I have carefully laid out plans of what I’ll be doing to you. In case you didn’t realise it yet, this is not a passionate two-way, mutual lovemaking session. This is me, working on you. There will be plenty of time for passionate lovemaking tomorrow.

I get up and head over to the bedside drawer to pull something out, peeking at the clock on my way. “12 minutes left. Gotta speed things up,” I think to myself.

I sit back down in my chair and lean closer to your ass. I gently tap on the jewelled buttplug which sends shocks up your spine, making your head shoot up and turn at me. It’s been in there for a few hours already so your body’s adjusted to it, you probably didn’t remember it was there in the first place.

“This is coming out. Take deep breaths, relax, and remember to push your muscles outwards.”

I tighten up the rolled-up sleeves on my white shirt to make sure they don’t come down while I do this, and then I lean in to lick the rim around the buttplug’s jewelled end; licking the rim of your asshole at the same time. You wince slightly, no doubt enjoying the feel of my tongue drawing a circle around your asshole. But I did that to sort of lube it up as I use my fingers to claw around the plug and prepare to gently remove it from your person.


I start to pull, but ever so slightly. Your muscles have tightened around the tapered part and need to be loosened up gently. As the plug is extracted, its bulb shape will stretch your ass open again, giving you the same stretched-open sensation as when I first put it in before we left for dinner. You know I like it when you’re loud, so you don’t hold back on verbalizing every feeling that strikes your body as it complies with what I’m doing. Your body knows that I want my plug back, and its slowly but surely giving it up.

Minutes later, and we’ve passed the bulb shape of the plug. From there the rest just slides out, leaving your asshole with a slight gape. The plug, heavy and made of stainless steel, lets out a soft thud as it falls onto the carpeted hotel room floor.

You’ve been so good to me, I just have to lean in and give that gaping asshole a kiss, heavy on the tongue of course. Drawing circles around the rim and sliding right into the gaped opening as deeply as I can go. The feelings are so intense, judging by how wildly your head moves and the gibberish you manage to verbalize out of your mouth. So intense is the feeling that you barely notice when I slide my pink remote controlled vibrator back inside the same hole, taking the place of its predecessor.

The plug wasn’t just something kinky for you to wear to dinner. Its secret purpose, which if you’re smart enough you’d realise, was to keep you loosened up for something else to take its place later.

Now, you’re ready for what I have in mind, but lost in your ecstasy, I doubt you’ve realised the implications of what just happened. I lean back in my chair in a more relaxed position and pull my phone out of my side pocket. The app opens, the devices sync via Bluetooth, and I gently slide my thumb up the screen to turn the vibrations on and up from deep within your asshole.

Like a cat with something stuck on its tail, you panic for a whole second. Your head whips around your left looking back at me smiling in my chair, then it whips around your right looking towards your ass. The vibrations get stronger as you struggle to compute what I just did to you. As it starts to make sense in your head, you roll your eyes back and throw your face down into the pillow, moaning and groaning, and if I heard you correctly, cursing at me in your mother tongue.

I let you bask in the strong vibrations emanating from your asshole, leaning back in my chair and watching as you squirm and wince and writhe in bed. I love it when you’re in that ‘zone’, in that headspace sparked by the combination of my external actions against your body, and your relentless orgasms taking place internally. Without a care in the world, where no one and nothing else exists, and where I stand over you as your caretaker, making you feel protected as you enjoy yourself. If I’m being brutally honest, it makes me feel like a complete and whole man being able to give this to you.

“Any minute now,” I say to myself, noticing the time on the bedside clock. And then it happens.

Staycation episode one.png

The doorbell goes off, “Room Service, Sir”, says the voice on the other side of the door.

“One minute!” I call out.

This is the moment I’ve been preparing you for since we came back from dinner.

This is where it gets interesting.

Continue to Episode 3

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