(R/18+) – Our First Staycation, Ep. 1

Note: This is my first fictional piece of erotica ever written for public consumption. Enjoy.


I hold my keycard up against the reader til it beeps. The light turns green and the door unlocks.


Barely 8.30 in the morning and the sun has started to light up the room, making obvious the mess all over the floor. Looked like a tornado had ripped through this place, so I had to step over a few things while I kept a magazine tucked under my arm; my right hand holding a large cup of coffee and a little plastic bag of whatever random fried shit 7-11 had left on offer from the night before.


I know the food’s shit, but I’ve always found it oddly soothing whenever I drank gritty gas station/mini-mart coffee, especially when paired with greasy finger food.


I try my best to walk a straight line from the door to the desk, but I’m forced to tiptoe over and around all the clothing items strewn all over the floor. The room is dead quiet, except for the sound of my breathing. No music, no TV, even the airconditioner fan speed was put on ‘slow’ to keep the noise barely noticeable. I just wanted to enjoy the silence for a while as I leaned back in the chair and sipped on my drink.


“God, she looks so beautiful.” I think to myself as I look over at you. The way the morning sun lights up your motionless body puts me in such an amorous mood, but I hold myself back from expressing it too much. Wouldn’t want to come off too strong now, would I?


Truth is, I’m madly in love with you, but I know it would be wise not to make it too obvious all at once, lest I end up chasing you away. No, I know your type. You’re just like me, easily suffocated by too much, too fast. I’ll need to take my time seducing you until you’re as infected with me as I am with you.


Minutes have passed and the room is still dead quiet. Our breathing is probably the only sounds that we can both hear, other than the sounds of our neighbours as they leave their hotel rooms to check out or go for breakfast; such is the pace in a high-end business hotel like this one which I’ve booked for the week.


You can’t see me, but you know I’m here with you.


I know that you know I’m here because your breathing got a little heavier the moment I walked through the door, despite how quiet I was. I bet you felt the air shift as I tiptoed past the bed, didn’t you? I didn’t say anything yet because I wanted to sit and savour you with my eyes for a while, and of course just to drive up the anticipation you must be feeling up to your ears by now. But I had to break the silence sooner or later.


“It has been 29 minutes so far, did you realise that?” My voice cutting through the tense silence like a hot knife through butter.


Your face snaps so that you’re looking right at where you think I am. A little off by a few inches, but I imagine it must be hard for you to lock onto me since I only left you with your sense of hearing, having blindfolded you before I left the room earlier.


“Answer the question.”


You shake your head to answer in the negative, your breathing now shallow, rasping. You know that the eternity I’ve kept you in waiting has finally come to an end.


“You’re kneeling in the exact same position as when I left the room. I’m impressed. Did housekeeping come in and find you?”


A muffled “No” comes through your gag as more drool falls onto the bed, your head-shaking communicating most of what your obstructed voice cannot.


“Too bad. Would’ve been interesting for the little lady with the cart to walk in and find you like this, kneeling on the bed with nothing on, drooling all over yourself.”


I made it a point to be descriptive with my words and vocalizing everything going on, knowing how your body reacts to my words. I wanted to fill your imagination as vividly as possible so you can visualize just how compromised you must look right now from my point of view. Your soft whimpering and heavy breathing were clear signs that I was hitting all the right spots, even before my fingertips land anywhere on your skin.


It’s almost like a hobby of mine, seeing how I can trigger your body’s responses. My decision to turn down the AC to as cold as it can get right before I stepped out for coffee was a perfect example of that; I wanted your nipples hard and sensitive to the air brushing past them, I wanted you skin sensitive and begging for my warmth. Judging by how rock-hard your nipples are, I think I achieved my intended outcome perfectly. They will have my personal attention in due time.


You flinch as you hear me get up off my seat and move towards you, kicking to the side the cushions, your clothes, and the empty wine bottles on the floor. There was one more bodily reaction I needed to measure. The one bodily reaction that does not lie. I do that by putting the palm of my hand on your stomach and sliding it down in a straight line to find your pussy, as suspected, warm and drenched, dripping down onto the bed under you.


“Geez, you wet the bed,” I say, feigning disappointment. You’ve been dripping grool straight through the fabric, not to mention the constant flow of drool dripping down on account of the ballgag. I can hear you groan shamefully because you still find making a mess slightly bothering, unlike me. But this is the kind of shame that gets you off, so I want you to feel it more intensely. “How disgusting you are, leaving your mark on a hotel bed like this. Think of the poor people who will have to clean this up later, dear. Tsk tsk.”


Your body spasms and you inhale sharply as you feel the palm of my hand, warm from holding the coffee cup earlier, cupping your very hot and very wet pussy. With my mouth right against your ear, I whisper, “You’ve made me very happy so early in the morning. Looks like you and I are going to have a great day ahead of us, aren’t we?”


Sliding my hand back up just made you spasm even more, I deliberately lick that hand clean right next to your ear so you could listen to every little sound, every little lip smack, like a live erotic ASMR track being played just for you. “Mmmm, you always do taste so good first thing in the morning.”


I slowly lift up the blindfold, gently so your eyes can adjust to the sunlight. I know I have to be extra gentle because it was still dark out when I first tied you up and blindfolded you this morning. A smile creeps up on my face when your eyes finally open and lock into mine.


It’s as if every time you look at me with those eyes, I just fall deeper in love with you. I don’t want to use the L word too much so soon in our undefined relationship, so I have to resort to expressing it using non-verbal ways. Lucky for me, I have a wide repertoire of ways to tell you I love you without actually saying the words; I can only pray that you understand what I’m tryina tell you.


Right now, I’m expressing my love for you by kissing your forehead slowly; mostly because it makes me feel good, but also because I know it’ll help your body relax a little. You’re obviously tense and tried from kneeling on the bed blindfolded and bound for half an hour, just as I had instructed.


The ballgag is next, but you know I hate to be wasteful. I stick my tongue out and lick up every drip of your saliva that’s flowed through that gag right before I gently pull it down to finally let you rest your jaw.


While you remain there kneeling at the centre of the bed with your hands tied in front of you, I hold your face with both of my hands.


“There she is!” I say, as you blush slightly and sniffle.


“I have one last thing for you to do before I take you for a shower and we head down for breakfast, okay baby?”


I crawl over to sit with my back up against the wall, facing the TV so I can watch the morning news. With my pants and socks off to the side of the bed, all it takes is one word to get you slither eagerly over to me.




It was only a matter of seconds before the news headlines appeared on the screen and as I watched to see what was happening on the other side of the world, you were laying on the bed next to me, your bound hands keeping my cock still so you could catch it with your eager mouth.


My mind was flooded with adrenaline and I was losing myself in a massive high, but I kept my eyes on the TV screen and sipped on my coffee as if your amazing little mouth wasn’t even distracting me. I was muttering softly, talking to myself about what the news channel was discussing as your head bobbed up and down on my cock with ever-increasing momentum and enthusiasm.


I know where that extra enthusiasm is coming from. I know what’s suddenly putting your mouth into overdrive. And I know this because I am fully aware of your favourite button for me to push: to make you feel used, to ignore you, despite the fact that you are sucking the life out of my hard, throbbing cock. You don’t realise how much restraint is required for me not to moan and groan like an animal, but you pleased me earlier by kneeling blindfolded and gagged on the bed for a half-hour, so I’m giving you this.


Pretending that the news was more important than you was challenging but doable only until I started getting close to the end. As the orgasm building up was reaching critical mass, I could no longer form full sentences, and you noticed. I’m familiar with your buttons and you are familiar with my physical reactions, so you know that once I stop forming coherent sentences it’s a sign that you’re the one in control now. You grab my balls with your silky smooth bound-together hands as you suck on my cock relentlessly, refusing to stop for air. I don’t know how the hell you did it, but I could swear your mouth became extra wet at this exact moment.


“FUCK LA” I cry out. I can’t pretend to ignore you anymore, so I look over and see your ass jiggling in sync with your head bouncing on my cock so hypnotically. You know I’m getting close, you can tell, and you’re not backing down now; you’re about to get all that you’ve worked so hard for. I let my frustrations out by SMACKING that jiggling ass of yours one side at a time until I send you my final warning signal.


You know what it means when I suddenly grab you by the hair and guide your head up and down. You know that’s the signal to keep going hard, because that means I’m just a few seconds away. This is your final warning to take a deep fucking breath and prepare yourself for anything. And I mean anything, because 3/4 of the time I have a new move to test on you.


And then it happens.


I cry out your name as my cock starts to spurt cum into your mouth, and it seems like you’re trying to catch it all so you can kiss me right after like we normally do. You know how much I love sharing my cum with you, but something in me today wants to switch things up.


Instead of letting the cum pool in your mouth, I force your head down so my cock forces its way into your throat; anything and everything you milk from me being sent straight up your throat and into your stomach with or without your permission. I hold you down with quite a lot of force as my cock spasms inside your throat, and lord it feels like I’m taking forever to completely drain myself into you. You gag and you choke but you never try to get me to let go, you’re a tough girl and you wanna see it through to the end.


When I’m completely drained into you and my grip on your hair starts to soften, then and only then do you slowly release my cock and lift your head up.


I lay there staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily as the entire room spins around me. All I can hear to my side is you gasping for air, coughing and choking.


“Taste” is the only word I manage to mutter, but you know perfectly what I mean.


You bring your face to mine and tuck your hair behind your ears. Looking straight down at me you slowly let a little bit of spittle slide from between your lips down into my open mouth. I groan the moment it hits my tongue, not only because of the nastiness that we’re sharing between us but because of the taste you know I love so much.


With my last bit of energy, I grab your head and gently pull you down to kiss me on the lips, which you do for a few seconds before you collapse onto my chest.


“…I wan wakefast”… is all that you can mutter.


“Rest. Then we’ll shower. Then breakfast.”

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