The Shadow

This didn’t happen to me, but I recall my brother telling me this story when he was younger.

It seemed like a regular school night and he had just about finishing gaming on his PC. Now, he was usually the one up all night playing games despite it being a school night and my dad had given up berating him for staying up all the time.

Naturally, his responsibility was to ensure that everything in the house was locked up – especially the back door. He made good on his promise and checked that everything was safe and secure. Once that was done, he made his way upstairs to go to bed.

What seemed like a typical night ended when he shut his eyes and fell into a deep slumber. Or so he thought.

He began to dream that he was outside of the house. Not bodily, but just … observing. He looked around and saw a large, dark figure, standing right outside our house gate and looking up at where my brother’s bedroom is. He was puzzled. He knew it was a dream yet he had no body, had no control over what’s happening. It was as if he was perched next to the figure and had no choice but to watch.

Suddenly, as if set off by something, the figure jolted upright and began breezing through the house gate, along the sides of the house and finally to the back door. My brother had no idea what was happening, but the figure opened the door, and continued its breakneck journey past the kitchen, past the living hall, past the PC, up the stairs and finally landing on the second floor, and straight in front of my brother’s room.

There, he slammed the door open, and loomed over my brother’s sleeping face and stared up close – with his now bright red, menacing eyes.

The shock that ran through my brother’s dream being managed to wake his real self up, and even as he woke up, he could see the red eyes glaring back at him. Blinking rapidly, the ‘vision’ of the red eyes began to flicker away and my brother shook his head.

It was a dream. Heh.

Just as he settled his pounding heart and began to ease back into what would be a fitful sleep, his eyes landed on his bedroom door.

Which was open.

The one he had locked after coming in.

It was wide open.

My brother jumped out of his bed, and saw, on the floor, huge, WET, footsteps. He saw that it began from outside the second floor hall all the way to the side of his bed.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he got out of bed and followed the trail. Across the hall, down the stairs, past the living hall with the PC, the kitchen and the dining hall and then …

… right outside the back door, which was wide open, too.

He couldn’t explain what happened that night, and he most certainly cannot do so now. All he did was lock the back door once more, and ran as fast as he could upstairs and under his blanket – this time keeping his eyes on the door until morning came.



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