A Reminder To All The Girls Out There (Part 1)

This post was written and submitted anonymously.


Part 1: The Story

I met him via WeChat during a quarter of last year. It was an out-of-boredom decision made randomly through the ‘People Nearby’ section. A notification came in: Friend Invitation from Mr. Specky (for the sake of this narration, let’s call him that). Little did I know that this encounter with Mr Specky would change the course of my life forever.

Soon after, we started texting back and forth. One thing led to another and after some time, sexual banter took place. By the time it was midnight, I was already calling him Daddy and I was his girl.

A little bit about Mr. Specky; he is a decent (well, at least to my liking) late 30s Chinese guy with a thing for interracial stuffs. Oh, he is a well known figure in his field of work too, if that matters.

Now to the actual stuff.

The second time I met Mr. Specky, it took place in a hotel in the middle of KL. This time, it was heavy oral play on him. Yes, between me and him, it was a sexual encounter. Truth is, his tool was, well, small/Asian size. It was nothing special. Nevertheless, being the good girl I am, I told him it was decent. LOL. So let us just leave it at that.

While we were in the middle of oral play, I noticed he was taking pictures of me (at the time I was not blindfolded, yet). I asked him if it was for his eyes only, to which he said yes. To be honest, I was feeling uncomfortable with it already, but I let it slide.

Later on, he made me wear a blue sleeping mask which he described as “the one he would normally use to sleep with”. Soon after, we continued the oral play until he, well, ejaculated. The whole time, I was not aware of the fact that he took more photos of me performing such sexual acts (and some short videos too!).

That night, I slept to the sound of him snoring loudly next to me, tired from the play. Next morning, I gave him a goodbye hug without knowing that it would be the last time I would see Mr. Specky.

By that time, I was already head over heels for him. Alas, he was not really into me, so eventually we lost touch. I deleted his number not long after, together with every single memory of him as I tried to move on.

Interestingly enough, I recently came across a website where local sexual contents are being shared by the members. It was purely out of curiousity, but as I was scrolling down, I saw something.

The picture looked familiar.

The girl looked familiar.

The setting looked familiar.

“Why do I have a feeling of dejavu?”

Then I saw the creator of the thread: It was Mr. Specky!

Right there and then, I knew that it was bad news. I instantly clicked on the thread, only to find more pictures (and GIFs), of ME! That girl was ME!

I panicked. Everything felt blurry and the next thing I know I was dialling my best friend’s number, hoping she would pick-up as tears were streaming down my cheeks.

After what felt like forever, at the moment she picked up, I was already crying like there was no tomorrow. She tried to calm me down as I tried to tell her what happened, while trying very hard to control my emotions. She told me that I should try and contact him and ask him to take the content down.

Eventually, after begging and begging, he took down the sexual content from the website. I told him I was not okay with the dissemination of obscene materials (of myself) by him WITHOUT MY CONSENT. He merely deleted the thread and did nothing to make sure that the contents are gone for good. Eventually, I sought help from Google to remove the outdated contents (snippets and caches of me were still out there on the net).

It is still a long fight. Waking up in the morning, google-ing every possible keyword hoping that the photos would disappear forever. Crying in the middle of the night, in the car while driving, in the car park on my way to the elevator thinking how silly it was of me to let it happen. It was truly a traumatizing experience.

Did he apologize?

Nope. Not even once.

He ain’t Christian Grey. Not even close (in resemblance, personality, what more his size).

He is simply a sexual predator, preying on naive girls with Daddy issues. Same modus operandi; Daddy issues, blue sleeping mask, even some of us share a number of physical similarities.

So yeah, that was my horrible experience with Mr. Specky.


To be continued.

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