The Angry Old Man

Thinking about the hostel incident that I wrote about last week, something else came to mind. This wasn’t as dramatic as my other experience with the funny room opposite mine, but it was nevertheless memorable. This, too, happened in a hostel. I did say that hostels were as haunted as can be.

This one totally happened out of the blue – no prayers, no chanting, nobody praying and pissing off some ghosts.

A friend had come back from one of her meetings with a volunteer group. If I recall correctly, she was the team lead for our PR project, and she had to approach some events company to help facilitate some launch we were planning. Anyway, long story short, their office was located in some near dilapidated building in the old streets of KL. You can think all things about what this dirty, smelly, old area – you’d probably get the image right.

So, this office had all-glass panels, which means that you could look out into the empty, dark hallway. Not that anybody wanted to, apparently it would give you the creeps.

They had the meeting in one of the rooms facing the corridors, so you’d be able to see if someone walked over to the entrance.

Somewhere, somehow, throughout the meeting, the doorbell started ringing. Let me just remind you that the entrance was in plain sight, and the entire team looked at the entrance to see nobody there.

But the doorbell kept ringing.

Non-stop. For a good five minutes.

The team members were dumbstruck, staring speechless at the entrance. They even asked one of their teammates to check the CCTV, just in case something was playing tricks with (all) their eyes.


They brushed it off with some humour about how strange things happen in the world, and tried to continue with the meeting.

Not even a minute after they began, the ringing started again. It was incessant, aggravated and agitated from the way the bell kept being pushed and pushed over and over.

Nobody said anything, and tried to continue.

But, whenever they did try to carry on, they would get interrupted. So, one of them suggested that they postpone the meeting to another day.

Now, I’ve always thought I was a wee bit sensitive to spirits or anything spiritual, but whatever I felt wasn’t as intense as my friend, who had apparently, brought something home with her. I only found out that evening when she came back to our hostel and walked into my home, instead of hers first.


If I could describe the feeling … I would say that the second I saw her walk in, I felt like I had tunnel vision. I started sweating – cold sweat nonetheless – for no reason. And for the entire night, I kept telling her that something wasn’t right; I just didn’t feel right.

I had this mix of dizziness, confusion and dread all bunched into one big mess and it felt like my entire world shifted – and I had no idea why. I told my friend this of course, because it had lasted for hours after that and well into the night. She kept quiet throughout this and told me to rest; it was probably lack of sleep.

So I did.


I should also tell you that I had a lava lamp in my room, which served as my nightlight. And opposite my bed was a desk (filled with great stacks of books, one huge makeup bag in the middle of it all, and a plastic chair).

I woke up in the middle of the night with that same strange feeling. And because my lava lamp’s intensity was going low, and high, and low, and high. It had that button that allowed you to control how bright you’d want it to be, and well … clearly someone or something was having fun with it.

I stared at it for long moments, and I decided to clear my throat.

Instantly, the playing stopped.

I stayed up for another good five minutes before I decided to go back to bed.


There was a slight screeching sound. The sound of friction. The sound of the plastic chair being pulled out of the desk. Very slowly. But I heard it.

My eyes opened again.

I looked at the desk, and lo and behold, the chair was moving on its own.

Back and forth, back and forth. The sound was annoying.

This time, I knew something was up because that whole negative vibe was surrounding me in the room, nearly suffocating me.

But I was pissed off – I had class in the morning and I was feeling rotten because of my sensitivity to this vibe, whatever this thing was giving off.

“Oi!” I called out angrily.

The chair stopped moving.

“Just stop it!” I continued.

But instead of leaving the room completely, I may have pissed it off because my makeup bag, which was parked in the middle of all the clutter was lifted, and shoved off the desk and hit the wall – scattering whatever that was inside all over the place.

I got up immediately.

Naturally, I prayed for it to go away.

After I had done that, and after it had seemed like things had calmed down, I said, “I just want to sleep. Would be great if you could just do your thing quietly and leave in the morning, or whatever.”

And surprisingly, I was fast asleep within the next few minutes.


Morning came, and I texted my friend: “I’m ready, gonna go down now. See you outside my house.”

I opened the door first and then realised I had forgot my assignment. I ran back into my room and came back out, to see my friend standing in front of my house, looking palpably confused.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I just …” she pointed down the stairs, “I just saw an old man walk out from your room. He was with a walking stick, and he was just … he was mumbling and looked at me angrily before he went down the stairs.”

“Huh? Dude, I’m the only one who lives here,” I said.

“I know but … he was a bit … like he’s not from here,” she responded. “I saw him yesterday.”

“What? Yesterday? Are you OK? Anyway, you know, something strange happened in my room last night.”

I told her all about it, and she was as white as paper.

She then confessed that she felt as if someone had followed her from her meeting, and sometimes, if she looked the right way, she could see an old man with a walking stick walking not far behind her, mumbling angrily.

And, the second she came back to the hostel, she had actually walked into my house first instead of her own so the old man had latched itself to my house.

We walked on and went to class as usual. My friend then apologised for causing such a haunting, especially since her hypersensitivity issue caused a lot of supernatural things to happen with her and around her.

“Well, he’s gone now. Totally messed up my makeup bag though,” I said, brushing it off.


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