Make Me Feel Special

Make Me Feel Special; this quote from George Cummings, says it all.

“Every person you meet in life has a flashing sign on their
chest. It says, ‘Make me feel special’.”

There is no greater thing that we can do in each human interaction
than to make the other person feel special. Now, this is not done by phony and insincere words, but by creating a feeling of acceptance in the other person. A feeling that you know them, their feelings and accept them just the way they are.

And no, you don’t have to agree with everything they say or do. What you must do, however, is to truly hear what they say and respect their right to feel as they feel.

Even marketers no longer believe in “generic mass marketing” they strive to make every consumer feel “special” and unique, even though they (the customer) have purchased the exact same product as million others have. This is a tall order, but the business that is able to achieve this “Specialness” marketing will be miles ahead in revenues and customer loyalty and retention.

Why? Because, consumers DON’T buy products! They buy what products offer or promise to do for them.

That is why one of the most explosive market is in self-improvement.

It is growing so fast, it’s practically taken on a life of it’s own.

This might seem somewhat contradictory, because, I have just said humans want to be known and accepted as they are.

However, every person feels that there is something they want to improve about themselves and that there is a way to do it. But, as many of us have learned, we do not make lasting changes because we are made to feel “unspecial” by harsh criticisms.

We want to to be the author of our self-improvements or what I call “increased specialness”. So while we want self-discovery and aim for self-improvement,
we NEED to feel special just as we are. We will gravitate towards any person who can genuinely elicit this “special” feeling from us.

It takes a special person to make every person that they encounter feel this specialness, but it’s a goal worth reaching for. It could even bring about world peace! Now there’s a goal to make you feel even more “special”.


Written by Yvonne Finn. Photo by Pexels.

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