Writer Wednesday: Charles David

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Tell us about yourself.

A bearded Indian guy from Sitiawan, who is super crazy about biking despite crashing many times, loves taking pictures, writing articles and of course backpacking in my sarung and singlet. “Freeway” is the best way during this humid weather.

I am currently on my adventure of conquering SEA and hoping to finish it by 2019.

How did you get into doing what you’re doing right now?

Well, it’s kind of funny because it ALL started from a road accident!

I have just recovered from a one year period due to a massive bike accident last November. I had multiple broken limbs which resulted in me being bed ridden for almost 8 months and I was going crazy day by day cause it’s Sitiawan. It’s a place for retirement, haha.

I couldn’t walk or do anything physically without the help or support of my parents or loved ones. So one day, while in bed, I decided to “spring clean” my photo collection from my travels on my Instagram, Hard-drive, phone galleries and even my Facebook. That was when I realized, “Hey this shot looks nice”, “hey, this too” and “hey, that too!” It made me realise that I have actually took some good basic amateur shots. It just needs a little tweaking. From then on, I began to study on how to take even more proper shots and picture editing on various apps via Google and Youtube mostly. And VOILA! The IG account for LUNGI DIARIES was created!

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And as for the articles, my friend who initiated Anythinglah encouraged me to write since I was practically wasting my life rotting at home during my medical leave. I asked her, “What to write?” She said, “Anything lah…!”

Then I was puzzled by what she meant by “Anything lah” because I if were to write something catchy, it has to be really in a Malaysian way of writing it. I cant pretend nor write old school English because writing and speaking in Manglish was my thing.

“Kita orang Malaysia la bro… take it or leave it” see sounds gempak right.

Anyway, I literally started writing nonsense based on my past experiences and encounters, and she actually said its fine because I could actually write about ANYTHINGLAH. There were sprinkles of Malay, English, Tamil, Chinese dan lain-lain on my  articles. I actually began enjoy writing because while writing the articles, it actually felt that I was actually talking to someone in a mamak stall.

Henceforth, this macha not only talks but started writing too… LOL

What kind of stories do you personally gravitate towards on AL?

Well, mostly the horror and the sexual stuff… (Well boys will be boys) 🤷🏾‍♂️

What content would you like to see more of?

Well, I love to see more of something out of the box maybe like… something like the streets of New York kind of concept. Where we go out identifying the unsung heroes out in our streets rather than the normal blogging stuffs.

Oh and more comedy write ups please!

Why do you think it’s imperative for people to express themselves and share their thoughts?

Well I believe some people expressed themselves better in writing rather than confrontations…

NO, not you keyboard warriors, you guys suck!

I’m talking about those people who actually find facts and figures and articulate it in the right manner.

Your idea of a ‘perfect’ AL?

A blog where Malaysians can go to and read because there is macam-macam ada..


  1. If you could dine with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Bob Marley!!! Well firstly for “obvious” reason hehehe but mostly it’s also because I grew up listening to his songs till this day. And every lyric had a deep meaning which jolts me to change for the better.

  1. What’s your favourite book, and why?

The Kite Runner, I never knew Afghanistan had such a rich and open culture back in the 70s. But with just a blink of an eye, every trace of its glorious days were destroyed completely by irresponsible backward people.

My dream is to set foot in that land one day.. even if it’s few seconds. That’s how much the book has impacted me.

  1. What’s your favourite word?

Lannjjjiiiaaaooooo (if it’s too offensive then Machaaaaaaaaa will do 🤪)

  1. If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be? Why?

Najib. Cause I literally want to learn on how to face the public with such pride, despite all those evident allegations.

  1. What’s been on your mind lately?

“What paint colour goes well with my bathroom tiles…”

  1. What’s the last text you sent?

What to doooo.. go to Pudu buy a “Putu” and “Sapudu”

  1. What’s one of your favorite memories?

When I was a little kid, my dad left his razor on the sink, so I decided to play barber-customer with my little brother.

I actually shaved off his eye brows and my mother was super pissed because she had to “draw” his eye brows every morning before going to school.


  1. What’s one thing about you that surprises people?

People generally think I can’t speak Tamil, don’t ask me why because seriously I don’t know.

But the moment I speak they would be like, “oh Wow, so karat, please stop” but there were various times I was mistaken to be a Bangladeshi or Arab guy so maybe I don’t know…

  1. Who, or what, was your biggest teacher?

Life. All the ups and downs in my life taught me to be a better me and what not to be.

  1. What was something you’ve done that made you feel extreme happiness?

Finally completing a puzzle or mostly IKEA furnitures. Even better when I lost its manual!

  1. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Listen to your parents thambi. When Apa and Ama says no means no ok.. *head shakes*

  1. Where is your happy place?

Anywhere! As long there’s Kenzo beside me (my dog).



Stay tuned for our next Writer Wednesday next week! 🙂 In the meantime, check out posts by Charles here.

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