A Lot Can Happen Over a Cup of Coffee

Written by Prapti Kedia.


She was in her home, making coffee for the guests;
Well not really guests, they were her roommate’s friends…
He came in the kitchen and smiled at her;
Well if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s the usual, he was her longtime crush…

Without looking at him she asked, “Do you need anything?”
If the truth be told he needed her, but he said nothing…
This time she looked at him with a confused expression;
“I just came to help”, he tried misdirection…

She smiled at that and looked away;
She said, “There’s nothing you can do… Thanks anyway”
At that very moment, she burnt her finger accidentally;
Fast as lightning he grabbed some ice and applied on her burnt finger gently…

She tried pulling her hand away but he ended up gripping it harder;
He could see the color rising in her cheeks and didn’t want to wait any longer…
He bent a little and brought her hand closer to his lips;
Waited for her to lift her gaze and then kissed the burnt tip…

This time she jerked her hand away and stared up at him;
She said shortly, “Stop playing with me… Go your friends are waiting… ”
All she needed was some space to think but he wasn’t giving her any;
Rather he took a step closer and said “You have brown in your eyes, I didn’t notice that before, strangely… ”

“Why would you?” It was all she could think of when he was standing so close;
He thought it’s time to take a chance and tell her the feelings he could no longer ignore…
So he said, “Because when you smile I forget everything else;
Because when you go pink, my world turns upside down and becomes a mess… ”

“Because even though you try to avoid me;
I can see that I have the same effect on you that you have on me… ”
“Because even though I can’t stop staring at your face;
It is strange that I missed those gorgeous brown eyes that have enchanted me in a way that words can’t phrase… ”

Maybe it was true, a lot can happen over a cup of coffee;
Well for her it happened while making it but it didn’t lessen the magicality…
He continued, “I admit that we don’t really know each other very well;
But I want to take you out, talk to you, dance with you and do everything to make a heaven out of this hell… ”

She was still speechless, her tongue was tied;
So she rose on her toes, kissed him on the cheek and smiled…
To that he said, “You look all sorts of cute when you blush;
But can you say something to make my mind shush… ”

She obliged, “I-I like you when you talk, that voice of yours is melody;
Your smile is bliss and when you’re close I go all jittery…
But most of all I’m fascinated by how your heart functions;
And when you speak your mind, you do it so passionately, that you have my full attention… ”

“So what I’m trying to say is, let’s talk, walk, dance and do all the things we want to do;
Darling, I would love to create a heaven of our own with you… ”

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Photo: Pexels

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