Tick Tock

I remember it was a Sunday night. Nothing out of the ordinary, my boyfriend and I were nodding off into dreamland as usual when he started talking in his sleep. Since I was used to his incoherent mumbling (he once counted money in his sleep, in CENTS, like why?!) I just rolled over and snuggled deeper into my blanket to snooze.

Now before I continue let me tell you dear reader about the set-up of my room and why this incident in particular freaked me out so badly I was afraid to go to sleep for a week plus. Our bedroom is an L-shaped one with the bathroom directly facing our faces as we slept and the wide windows being right behind my back.

The windows are often left curtainless because yours truly needs sunlight in order to actually wake up. However, my boyfriend doesn’t, so to compromise ONE curtain is draped partially across the windows leaving a good chunk of window bare and exposed to the night sky. My side of the bed isn’t flush against the walls either, a low cabinet takes up most of the space behind me stretching from my head to where my thighs would be if I lay down flat on the bed. Now on to the incident.

Sometime later during that Sunday night, I rolled back to face my boyfriend’s side of the bed meaning the windows were now directly behind my back. As I was sleeping I heard a man’s voice, deep but not guttural, gleefully and extremely creepily saying “Tick tick tick tock” right next to my ear. I live on the 15th floor. The windows are closed.

Worst of all I couldn’t move, couldn’t even open my eyes as the gleeful voice continued its weird clock-like chant. Inside my mind I was screaming and hyperventilating. I started praying in my mind and for a few blissful seconds the voice shut up. But the moment there was a break in between my words, it started up again.

“Tick tick tick tock.”


“Tick tick tock.”


“Tick tick tick tock.”

It kept repeating the same damn thing as I tried in vain to claw the bed or my boyfriend even. I struggled for what seemed like forever till suddenly the voice stopped and my eyes popped open. I drew a breath that felt like I’d been holding since the beginning of the incident and gasped for air, immediately launching myself at my poor sleeping partner who woke up utterly bewildered.

To be honest, voices would’ve been fine as I would just think it was a dream, but the chill I got then and the direction from which the voice was coming from had me convinced. I’m sleeping with my blanket over my ears from now on, thank you very much.


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