The Magic Of Yes

If we entirely want to know life, participate in it, and be part of history; if we’re going to know who we are rooted in our intimacy and spontaneity; if we also want to be more successful in what we do, have, and give, there is an attitude that we already know. It’s a straightforward one and utterly compelling to put into action.

It does not mean giving up anything we have or to drastically change our behavior forever and with difficulty. It does not concern what we do; it involves how we do it. However, despite its simplicity, this attitude can significantly alter our lives and channel them in a positive direction.

All that it involves is the use of the word Yes. This simple strategy is to think Yes instead of No. Imagine Yes instead of No. Say Yes instead of No, no thanks, I do not want, I’m not there, I’m not coming, I cannot do it, I do not have time, I do not care, I do not like it, not me, etc. Replace Yes as often as possible every day.

Keeping ourselves in a Yes mood open us to new possibilities. Any person self-conditioned to say Yes is more inclined to accept new opportunities, meet new people, try something new out of their comfort zone, pursue a path of personal growth, and more profitable career, proceeding to the goal.

The Yes develops new habits and responses to life, while the No perpetrates any existing situation. To use this simple technique, all that is necessary to have is the will to say. Yes, especially regarding the circumstances in which in the paste we were saying No. Let’s note for that reason, during our normal daily activities, how often we say No to ourselves and life.

To acquire and install in our being a new attitude and positive habit of consciousness, it is of much help, especially at the beginning, the use of a constant reminder. Something that continuously reminds us, every day and every moment, to keep our viewpoint, focus, and perspective on the opportunity to say Yes every time the opportunity surfaces and ride the wave.

Another important thing, in addition to the Yes written on our computer screensaver and all around the house, is to avoid, as far as possible, all situations and people whose natural structure focuses on the No, and therefore on stagnation or even involution. Yes allows us to do things our way and certainly say yes to life and thus to everything because everything is life and life takes us where we want to go and brings what we want to be and have.

Andrea Scarsi (Sandesh) is a mystic writer and musician and a spiritual facilitator who uses his works to share a dimension of being and lifestyle based on meditation and communion with the absolute. Born in Venice, Italy, in 1955, in the years he deepens different meditative techniques for awakening consciousness, energy balancing and personal evolution that he practices and teaches. Check out his work and books at Books by Andrea Scarsi and be happy now.

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