Rant Mode Activated: 8:00p.m. Boss is calling. Boss? Go F yourself.

Written and submitted by Firestorm.


Smartphones, are pretty damn smart. Can’t deny it. They do a lot of great things for us. They help us stay in touch with family and friends. We can get the latest news, and reviews. They can help us stay connected to social media, provide entertainment and help us pass the time with some games. But here’s the flip side. All that connectivity unfortunately also means that bosses/colleagues/superiors are able to disturb/bother/harass me OUTSIDE of office hours for whatever little fucking detail that is required.

image 1

You get this, you’re more than willing to help out during your off time.

I’ll be fair here: I’m drawing from my own experiences with previous bosses. I’ve had the spectrum of good and bad bosses. Being fair here, I’ll say that my good/best bosses have WhatsApp on the weekend, or after work hours during the week. In their defense: – It’s usually a reminder for an upcoming meeting or is GENUINELY something that they need urgently for whatever.

I worked at this company for about 2 years, and I only got this kind of WhatsApp’s three or four times. I get something like this, I’m actually willing to do whatever it is that they need me to do. The politeness, civility and frankly the “sorry for disturbing you” part made me willing to help out.


It’s 8:15 pm. Up to five WhatsApp’s. Three missed calls. Two Emails.

Then come the bad bosses, which tragically, we all have or have had a few off. These assholes think its ok to contact when off the clock from work, during personal time at 11pm, when you are on HOLIDAY demanding whatever it is they suddenly need so urgently. I give you an example of this crap from a different bad boss I’ve had

image 2

You get this shit, and you’re sick of this shit.

Both bosses were here in Malaysia. But according to my limited research, it is apparently a grey area whether or not bosses can contact you outside of office hours to work unless they PAY OVERTIME. Don’t get me started on overtime. That’s a whole other emo-bitch-fest.

But the point is this one: when your boss does not know where the line is between office hours and non-office hours, it is really detrimental to not only your personal physical and mental health, but it is also incredibly damaging to the relationship you have with family and friends. You don’t get time to rest your mind, relax and ENJOY life, doing things you want to do because you’re suddenly slammed with WORK when you are off the clock. To be very blunt about it, I make it a point NOT to reply work related anything once I leave the office.

It’s 8:22pm. Up to 11 WhatsApp’s. Four missed calls. Third email just arrived.

Smart phones are smart right? My phones’ apps are pretty smart too. Work emails do not get notifications on my phone. WhatsApp’s from the office gets muted until the following morning. Phone calls are silent and generally get routed to “number is currently not available.” I’m not paid enough to deal with “work” 24-7-365. So, I am smart enough to make full use of the intelligence of my smart phone to make my life outside work a lot more peaceful. I still see all the crap, but because I don’t hear it, I don’t have to acknowledge it, I’m a lot more relaxed. I actually get to rest and recharge.

I admit that the job market is shitty as all hell right now in Malaysia. But if I have to choose between my family and friends and my LIFE versus whatever my workaholic boss. Well…. right now, it’s 08:35pm, on Friday the 28th of September 2018. Guess what? My phone is vibrating again. Currently at 17 WhatsApp’s. Six missed Calls, FOURTH email has just arrived.

I’m wondering WHERE things went so WRONG that a boss, ANY boss thinks that they have the right to demand things, so urgently that they start calling me. It’s almost 9pm on a Friday night. Let that sink in a moment when it’s not a critical crisis/meltdown situation. I’d love to know which government department is open at this hour, and demanding to see the payroll, time sheets and leave records for the company.

I’m going back to Monster Hunter World, YouTube, my half-drunk vodka cranberry, and a partially smoked Partagas No.1. I’m off the clock till Monday morning at 08:30am.


09:15pm: Boss has given up after 17 WhatsApp’s. Eight missed calls. Five Emails.

All has been silent for the past 15 minutes. I’m going to bed before the next round of crap starts. If the boss bitches on Monday morning when I get to the office, I was sick over the weekend – sick of this shit, but sick all the same.


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