The Hairy Issue

Students at my university had 2 choices when it came to accommodation. They either stayed in what we called Westlake or Eastlake. Eastlake being much cheaper since it was further away from civilisation was a popular choice for the students from lower income families. Unfortunately, that also meant that they were more exposed to things that go bump in the night because Eastlake was right in front of the cemetery.

A classmate of mine had at that time just moved into a house together with 5 of his buddies. The single storey house was just nice for them and since it was quiet, they had all the peace and quiet they needed to sleep. So they thought.

On the first night at their newly cleaned up place, 4 of them went to bed early. The remaining 2 stayed up gaming as gamers do, retiring to bed only at 3 in the morning. Shortly after the last boy drifted off to sleep, an unearthly wail set them all scrambling awake and barging into each other’s rooms to check what the matter was.

Confused and only half awake, they gathered in the hall and questions were asked. Did anyone bring their girl home tonight? Was it a neighbour? Every other house on the street was quiet. Maybe it was an animal, one of them reasoned. The matter was swept aside and everyone went back to sleep.

The next night it happened again.

The wailing and crying sounded too human to ignore and it kept going for as long as the boys didn’t run out into the common area or to each other’s rooms. Finally unable to take it, my friend ran out to check. The wailing stopped. But this time, there was something different about the house.

Clumps of long black hair were scattered across the white tiled floor. Mind you, all the boys had very short hair. This was metre long hair we’re talking about. Because none of them wanted to touch it, my classmate swept it up with a broom and tossed it outside.

The third night it happened, the boys had had enough. Again finding clumps of human hair outside in the hall, they packed their bags and left for the night and stayed over at their friends’ houses till their month was up.


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