YouTube Channel Review: Chef Kitty Cooks

A post by Firestorm.


In 2017, YouTube boasted over 1 billion users. This means, that there are millions of channels out there. With that many channels, how do you find the channel which has the content that you want? Or perhaps content that interests you, that you enjoy?

I’m not sure. Me, my channel subscription list is just plain weird. I’ve got some of my friends’ channels there, I’ve got my own channel there, I’ve got the famous channels too. Today, I’m just gonna take a few minutes to chat about a small channel – looks like they just started – which has some big dreams of taking the food from movies, games and anime and bring them to life.

Their numbers are small, but I’ve been watching them for the past two weeks and their numbers of subs and views is growing. You can find the channel here: Chef Kitty Cooks. Of course, a major plus point for me, is that the Chef in question is ridiculously cute, adorable and fluffy as all heck. Meet the chef and his sous-chef here.

I’m not kidding when I say that they take food from games and bring them to life, as in literally make those foods in to wonderful, tasty treats for both the eye and stomach. These are just a few of the things that I’ve seen creep out of their kitchen over the past few weeks:


Img 001 - Sandvich

The Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie, just like “Goat-Mom.”

Img002 - ButterScotch Cinnamon Pie

It’s always teatime somewhere. Video here!

The kitchen commis is most likely the one I’ll get an interview with as the Cheffing duo are not much for idle chatter. I’ve contacted them to see if they are interested in doing an interview type thing (and I’ll shamelessly admit it): I’m looking at the chance of snagging a free meal. If I can swing it, maybe I’ll get to stay for an Undertale styled tea and pie extravaganza.

Every Channel starts out small. That’s the way things go. Every single multi-million subscribed channel started out that way. I’m hoping that this will help them get a little support to help grow their channel, its subscribership and viewer count too! With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to do a sit-down with the team at Chef Kitty Cooks, get some food and learn a bit more about them in a follow up!

Until then as always, read and enjoy lah!


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