How to Look Good without Spending Big

Have you ever just sat down in front of your wardrobe (in my case, it’s just a cupboard that looks like the one from the first Conjuring movie) and just be thinking about why you have so many clothes yet it doesn’t feel like you have many? I know that feeling because I have tons of clothes and somehow, I am never satisfied with it. It all started when I decided to control my spending and made an initiative to make use of what I have. 

So, here are my tips on how to make your daily outfit look BOMB without spending big. 

Cuff or cut

Let’s get real, not all of us are born with long legs but we can change it with just a simple rule (or two). Always cuff both ends of your skinny/jeggings/mom jeans. Showing a bit of your ankles gives the illusion of Victoria Secret’s legs (ok not really). Basically it just gives the illusion of having a ‘good’ leg and body proportion. I know it’s no brainer to some but I actually realised a lot of people never really explored the cuffing technique or cutting the ends of your jeans. It’s easy, so why not try it? 

For some, they may opt for cutting and/or giving the hems a bit of a distressed look. 

Picture1.pngSource: Pinterest


Not a fan of them? Tried and then failed? Here’s a bulletproof tip, girls (and boys). The trick to a ‘perfect’ tight-in is to wear your top first before bottom, and before unzipping your bottom. Make sure you really put your top on perfectly; don’t let them get all wrinkled up on the inside of your jeans. After zipping your jeans, raise both your arms as if you’re reaching for the skies and ta-da, a good and perfect tight-in. 

Picture1Source: Couturezilla

Afraid to go all in? Half kinds are not bad too. 

Picture1Source: @confasiontime / Instagram

Red Lipstick

Everyone should own this bad boi because it just really makes your outfit look put together. 

Picture1Source: Byrdie Beauty


Be it an up-do or letting-it-down kind of hair day, a pair of statement earrings against a very normal tee and jeans outfit is actually cute. 

Picture1Source: @ch.phr8ph / Instagram


These usually help you on those days where you’re not sure of what to wear and when you hit the snooze button on your alarm for the fifth time. 

Picture1Source: Frollien Herr


Branded or not, it doesn’t matter, as sneakers will help lighten up your outfit, giving a fresh and youthful feel to your overall vibe. 



Although some companies are not so strict on dress codes, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dressing up. 


Simple, White Tees

Though at times wearing graphics are cool and puts a statement on your overall outfit, sometimes going simple is great. You should try to find out which collar cutting suits your body and personal preference. 

Picture1Source: Pinterest

And you’re done!

Next stop, Fashion Week! Just kidding, but who knows, right? 

However, I know the tips above may not be everyone’s cup tea because that’s what fashion is about, right? It’s the freedom to express one’s individuality through their fashion taste. Some may be weird, quirky or just plain Jane, it’s all about one’s individuality.

All in all, make sure you have fun experimenting with it and never stress over the fact that you need to weigh or look certain way to fit a trend. It’s also great if you’re confident about what you’re wearing because everyone looks good when they love themselves. 

To end this lengthy post that’s actually 20% words and 80% pictures, by Coco Chanel;

“I don’t do fashion. I am Fashion.” 

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Cover photo courtesy of Pexels.

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