(R/18+) My Unfulfilled Fantasies

My Unfulfilled Fantasies

At this point, many of you would have already seen at least one of my many confessions here on anythinglah.my. You would have seen that there are many things that I have experienced which are, I guess, unorthodox ways of enjoying sexual pleasure which some people might only fantasise about.

However, there are a few very specific scenarios that I have yet to experience. Scenarios that I have designed in my head, either as a result of personal interest or desire, or at least in part as a result of inspiration gained from things I’ve seen, heard, or read.

This is a non-confession confession; i.e. here are a few scenarios that I want to experience in (hopefully) the near future.


The Forced Milking

I love laying down and getting a massage, a proper massage, which ends with a masseuse’ hands finding their way towards my cock and slowly jacking me off. It’s a relaxing situation that I try to indulge in at least once a month at my trusted massage parlour in PJ (of which I will probably write an article about in the future).

There’s something incredibly relaxing and sensual about laying there motionless as someone takes care of your every need, not only until you’ve shot loads of cum all over yourself, but also when the masseuse cleans it all up for you right after.

Yes, men, even professional perverts like myself, enjoy being pampered. But I digress.

“Milking” is my favourite term for being jacked off, because its.. dirty in all the right ways.

My unfulfilled fantasy in this area is to be milked.


Against my will (but with my consent, of course).

See, the first orgasm is pleasurable, the second one less so, by the third your cock starts to get numb and you start shooting less, but beyond that point, it starts to become a weird mix between pleasure and not outright pain, but agony. You get the surge that comes with an orgasm but it lasts shorter with each time, and you get more and more ‘cum drunk’, i.e. your ability to think straight reduces with each passing orgasm.

For this to happen, I need a willing partner (male or female, I honestly don’t care) who understands everything I’ve mentioned above, who can also be trusted, and who has a supreme level of patience considering this scenario will take a long time to play out and because I will be in no position to reciprocate.

Remember: when it comes to being sexually vulnerable, to surrender to another human being, you need to be able to trust that the person will take care of you, and not forsake you, while you are in this vulnerable state.

As a slightly modified version of this fantasy, I also would like to engage in:

Canva - History, Egypt, Sarcofaag, Pyramid, Farao, Mummy, Mask.jpg

Mummification and/or Sensory Deprivation

In addition to the above are two concepts I’ve always wanted to try but never found a partner I could trust to carry it out: mummification and sensory deprivation.

Both involve a high degree of claustrophobia, where mummification involves being bound from head to toe with all of your movements restricted (typically with your cock exposed).

Assuming your mouth is also bound and/or gagged, it makes it difficult to mutter the safeword if you ever need to. The tradeoff with that is you are capable of moaning and groaning as loud as you want, and it’ll all be muffled.

Sensory deprivation, on the other hand, involves, as the name suggests, depriving yourself of your senses. Typically this means having your eyes and ears completely covered from the outside world. This can result in psychedelic effects, amplified by the fact that someone is stimulating your genitals while you’re in that immobilised, vulnerable state.

The underlying pleasure in all of these sorts of fetishes/activities? The pleasure of completely surrendering yourself. There is absolutely nothing you can do, and therefore, you are truly capable of letting go of yourself for what might feel like an eternity, even if the session only lasts an hour.


The Voyeur

I love watching. I love listening. And I love being watched and listened to.

There are two versions to this fantasy. The first being me wearing a full-on suit, sitting in the dark corner of a room in a comfortable chair (maybe I’ll pull the chair right up to the bed, or maybe I’ll push it right to the very corner of the room. This will depend on the actual layout of the room as well as my mood at the time).

As I sit here, preferably with an alcoholic beverage and ideally with a cigar in my hand (though most hotels don’t allow that anymore), I would like to watch a couple fuck from start to finish on the bed for my entertainment. It could be vanilla fucking, it could be rough, it could be messy beyond whatever I am willing to describe here for your virgin eyes (well, some of you, at least).

Maybe I’ll unzip and jack off during.

Or maybe I’ll just sit there and let my arousal wash over me, basking in the feeling of pure power as this gorgeous couple perform for me in my most favourite form of performance.

I’m not the kind of man who enjoys live plays or stage shows of most kinds, yet, my whole life, I’ve wanted to indulge in watching people fuck for my entertainment.
Add-on: Sometimes when I think of this scenario, I like to imagine the gentleman getting up and going to the bathroom after he’s cum all over his woman.

While he does that, I’ll approach the woman laying there stained, I’ll look at her in the eye and signal to her with my hand to keep quiet.

With nothing more than a smirk as a warning, I’ll lean in and lick the gentleman’s cum off of his woman.

I’ll take that away as a little souvenir, while this woman and I are now bonded by sharing a tiny, harmless little secret just between the two of us.

The alternate version of this fantasy is more of a peeping-tom scenario. Instead of sitting there in the open in a voyeuristic position of power, I want to instead be hidden somewhere, supposedly without the couple’s (or just a woman/man’s) knowledge.

Hidden under the hotel room’s desk. Hidden in the closet and watching through a crack in the door. Hidden in the bathroom but coming out and peeking around the corner of the entryway once I’m prompted by the right sounds.

I want to stand there and quietly witness the fucking or the masturbation, while I myself, do the same to myself.

As a universal add-on to all of the fantasies above, at some point in the scenario, it would also be cool to ‘get caught’. For someone to drag me out of the closet, or to pretend to be shocked/angry/disgusted/scared (strong emotional reactions get me off, and I do NOT care which one; they all work on me), to threaten to call the cops and etcetera.

I may come up with other fantasies, but these few are the ones that I have wanted to do for YEARS.

I should really get around to making them happen.

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