Ready Player One – Near Missed Connections

A post by Adam Majid.


Greetings to the Anything Lah Community!

I’m still writing fanfiction, and I’ve been working on this one for the past few weeks. This one is a bit different from my traditional or rather traditional fanfiction in that I think – I think – that I’ve managed to successfully blend together the narrative style and events from the Cline’s book “Ready Player One” with the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants action events of Spielberg’s movie “Ready Player One.”

Somewhat inspired by the originally one-sided “romance” between Parzival and Art3miss, everything is told from one perspective, so it should give you ample opportunity to discover the character, and a bit more about other forgotten, rarely seen parts and places in GSS’s Oasis.

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I enjoyed the book a great deal – not too surprising because I am a child of the 80s and 90s generations. Yes. I’m old enough to KNOW what a VHS™ and a LASERDISC® are, and know the difference between a Walkman, DiscMan and mp3 player are. I reveal just how old I am in two comments… Great…. My exact age, to anyone who asks me is either “Old Enough.” Or “21 plus.” Depends a bit on the question being asked.



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The movie was a solid interpretation of the book in my view, one that capture the essence and spirit of the Gunters and their Quest for the Egg, even if it did not say faithful to the challenges, puzzles, keys, and gates. The “update” was a necessity to ensure that modern audiences would actually GET what was going on, and more importantly, make the movie significantly more accessible to the movie going public.



But enough about my ranting opinions on the book and the movie. I’ll babble no further, but let you take a read of my latest literary attempt in, entitled “Near Missed Connections” here.

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