Good Morning To You

Our brushes with the supernatural became a pretty common thing at my pre-school. However, I thankfully was either a very oblivious kid or a very lucky one to not have encountered them face to face myself back then.

Pre-school would usually start at 8am but as my grandpa was a teacher (as you may have read in part 1), we ended up arriving every morning at 6am. Sometimes earlier. Yes, poor kid me being dragged out of sleep at such ungodly hours five days a week. But it was truly an ungodly hour as we were to find out over the years.

The school itself being a colonial mansion had the same whitewashed walls and heavy wooden doors with slates in between. Furniture was solid wood that you could possibly crush someone with if they happened to be so unlucky. Floors entirely made of wood, which also meant that due to age, they creaked a lot when you put pressure on them.

As my grandpa used to arrive so early in the morning, he would be the first up in the staff room. A huge wood panelled and wooden floored space, the place was usually filled with the low hum of the teachers discussing lesson plans or naughty student antics during the day. But at 5am that morning it was far too early and too dark for that. With barely a glimmer of pre-dawn light filtering through the wooden slats, my grandpa made his way upstairs to the staff room. But at the landing, he paused for a minute. Was it just his ears or was someone earlier than him today? Just above him at the end of the stairs, he heard the distinctive sound of the wooden chair in the staff room rocking back and forth.

The creaking was loud enough that he could hear it even without climbing all the way to the top of the stairs. So, thinking that his colleague had reached before him, my grandpa reached the top step, hand out at the ready to flip the switch and about to ask his colleague why the hell he would be sitting in the dark. As his eyes adjusted to the pre-dawn light, my grandpa caught sight of the chair in question. It was indeed rocking back and forth. But there was nobody in it. Whatever was in the chair paused the rocking for a minute, possibly as it was surveying this new intruder. With a loud thunk, the legs hit the floor and all was silent again. My grandpa, being the wise man that he was, flipped the switch to turn the lights on and promptly left the room.


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